Promote Sustainability Within Your Home with Biophilic Design

Introducing biophilic design into your home can make the place cozier and definitely more pleasant to spend time in, which can then improve your mood and make you feel more connected to nature while in the comfort of your own living space. However, not only can this type of nature-inspired design simply enrich your home’s décor, but it can do much more than that by making your home more sustainable and your living more environmentally-friendly.  If you’ve been considering how to make the biophilic, nature-inspired decor a part of your everyday life, here are some ideas to make the best of it and combine its decorative benefits with the sustainability it supports. 

Use natural materials

One way to incorporate biophilic design into your living space is through the choice of materials for your floors, furniture or accessories. By opting for natural and eco-friendly materials, such as wood, bamboo or the renewable options like cork, you’re connecting to nature and making sure that biophilia is a part of biophilic design principles that guide you through decorating your home. Aside from being renewable and appealing, these materials are also durable, meaning that you won’t have to replace them every few years or so.  When buying furniture, don’t forget to ask about the glue or paint that was used when making it. You’ll want to avoid anything with VOCs and other harmful chemicals, which is another advantage of materials such as clay, rattan or wool since they can now be produced with high regard to the environment. Finally, other than introducing nature into your home, you can also give it some character and style with some of the timeless pieces made of these premium materials.

Make it brighter

There is nothing more nature-related than natural light, which is why biophilic design often puts its focus on it. After all, sunlight can improve both our physical and mental well-being, and that’s why this is something that most of us want for our homes. Not only will plenty of natural light make any space visually bigger and warmer, but it can also allow you to waste less energy on artificial lights and even air conditioning, contributing to your home’s sustainability. Having large windows which you can open to air your living space and flood it with sunlight can make your home more attractive, while providing you with the opportunity to enjoy the brightness they let through. Just make sure that the windows you install are of the highest quality, so that they can also insulate your home properly.  Furthermore, you’ll want the option of blocking the sun when it’s at its hottest, so add some blinds to your windows, too. That way you can control how much light and heat your home gets at any point, but you can also protect yourself from the curious eyes of your neighbors or passers-by.  

Utilize plants

When it comes to biophilic design, it often relies on textures, sounds and scents to make us more connected to nature. Having this in mind and combining it with sustainability and environmental awareness, some of the most adequate decorative items we can bring into our home are usually the green ones. Start with as many plants as you can, since they, above all else, will make your home more nature-like. The green is restful to the eyes and can boost your mood, while plants can filter the air, cool you down during the summer heat and make the space warmer during the cold of winter.  Other than filling your home with a lot of green, you can add a splash of color with flowers, whether in your garden or inside your rooms. You can even take it a step further and plant your own little fruit and vegetable garden either in your backyard or on your balcony, in huge pots. When it comes to your kitchen, why not plant some herbs there as well? They’ll be a great addition to your healthy meals, while cheering up your little cooking corner. 

Turn to water

Another element you can use for making your home more biophilic is water. If you’re one of those lucky people whose home has a direct view of a lake, river or even the ocean, then something as simple as opening your windows in the morning can bring that touch of nature you need to start your day. The humming of water and the splashing of waves can have a therapeutic effect and can help you control stress.  However, even if you’re nowhere near such a big body of water, you can get a small outdoor fountain. It can make your garden look amazing and allow you to revel in the relaxing sound of water whenever you feel like it. These fountains are now eco-friendlier than ever, meaning that you can easily find those which use recycled rainwater and solar power to keep the system running and the water filtered. If not a fountain, a small pond will do the trick as well. Finally, you can keep it small, yet sweet by placing a birdbath in your backyard. Not only will you be able to enjoy the sound of water as the birds play in it, but their chirping can make you feel like you’re in a green forest, and not an urban area. Not only is biophilic design appealing to all the senses and beneficial to your overall health, it can also be friendly to the environment and make your home more sustainable than ever. So, wait no longer and let biophilic design make your home modern, stylish and healthy at the same time.

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