How to choose the perfect ceiling fan with 3 handy tips

How to choose the perfect ceiling fan

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of renovating a room; it can change the whole ambiance and mood by switching on a light fixture. You can alter the color scheme, the style and the theme, but lighting can transform the vibe of the room into something more cosy, inviting and cheerful. Why have a boring room when you can have an exciting room instead! One of the easiest ways of changing the mood of a room is with a ceiling fan and light, they are timeless pieces of lighting, but how do you choose the right one? This is our guide to choose correctly, please read on…

1, The perfect space

The first factor to consider is where the ceiling fan and light will be installed, a bedroom, a dining room or maybe a grand living room. If you purchase a ceiling fan light that is too big it will overwhelm a room and if the light is too small, it will not do its job adequately. The first thing you will need to do is find the square footage of the room in question, multiply the length by the width of the room in feet. These are the general guidelines for a ceiling fan light.

  • 29” fan = 50 square feet
  • 36” fan = 75 square feet
  • 42” fan = 100 square feet
  • 52” fan = 225 square feet
  • 56” fan = 400 square feet
  • 60” fan = 400 square feet and above or 2 smaller separate fans

2, The perfect efficiency

A ceiling fan light will save you money on your energy bills, cooling in the summer and by reversing the fan direction, it will warm a room during the winter. Fans with an Energy Star rating will be very efficient and are kinder to the environment too. The ceiling fan will not change the temperature of a room, but instead it will provide a breeze and they are very competent at doing this job.

When considering efficiency of a ceiling fan and light, a factor to remember is the airflow and how much air the can the fan actually move. The fan’s motor, blades, blade material and pitch will determine how efficient the fan will be. The best pitch of a fan is 14 degrees and this provides the most airflow. Another factor is the blade material, laminates rather than wood are the best available as wood is prone to warping and laminates are stronger.

Lastly is the fan’s motor, the quality of the motor is essential for the fans efficiency. A high quality motor will be encased in heavy steel and this means the motor will run quiet, last longer and look better.

3, The perfect ceiling fan light for you

The ceiling fan lights can be adjusted to how low or how high your ceiling is. If you have a high ceiling, then adding a downrod will give you the optimal level of airflow. A low ceiling will need a hugger kit to bring the fan light up higher.

Various options are usually available to control the fan, including wall level switches, remote control and pull chains. Just make sure the accessory matches your crystal ceiling fan light.

Lastly, the color of the ceiling fan and light needs to match your room décor. The fans available on this site all have crystals with different finishes that include wood, metal, chrome and brass/copper finishes. If you have a lot of metalwork in the room, then try to pick a fan that will match. A room with a lot of wood, you will need to pick a fan with the same color of wood or alternatively pick a ceiling fan light that is white to match the ceiling.

The end bit

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