How to choose the perfect table lamp with 6 handy tips

How to choose the perfect table lamp

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of renovating a room; it can change the whole ambiance and mood by switching on a light fixture. You can alter the color scheme, the style and the theme, but lighting can transform the vibe of the room into something more cosy, inviting and cheerful. Why have a boring room when you can have an exciting room instead! One of the easiest ways of changing the mood of a room is with a table lamp, they are timeless pieces of lighting, but how do you choose the right one? This is our guide to choose correctly, please read on…

1, The perfect location

table lamp

Waterford crystal table lamp

Before buying a table lamp, you should determine where you want to put it, mark out the exact height it will sit and the distance from the bed, sofa or chair. Common mistakes include buying a lamp that is too short, too tall, or maybe too bright if its to be used in a bedroom. You need to define the purpose of the table before buying one.

2, The perfect size

The size of the table lamp is an important aspect; generally, the height of the lamp is determined by the size of the room that it will sit in. The décor of the room is another factor too; some lamps will just look out of place and odd if placed with the wrong décor. A tall bedside will need a shorter lamp and a short table will need a taller lamp. A table lamp needs to at eye level when you are seated or resting in bed, this works for a bedside lamp or next to the sofa in the living room.

3, The perfect style

Table lamps come in lots of different designs and styles, from classical to modern, there is something for everyone. You can use a new table lamp to usher in a different style to a room and having a focal point. Lamps such can transform a room in to an opulent and classical space. A lamps appeal is often how the shade look, but the body of the lamp should not be overlooked as this can make a huge difference.

4, The perfect lampshade

rustic table lamp

Rustic table lamp

Another important factor to choosing the perfect table lamp is the shade and its size. It would be easy just to consider the pattern and the style of the shade, but the ergonomics and the proportions of the shade in relation to the shades body are worth considering. The lampshade diameter should be at the minimum two inches less than the length of the body. The base of the table lamp is another factor; the narrower the base and this will have less of an illuminated area.

5, The perfect detail

Most new lamps will allow you to change the shade, but not all are compliant, so do check before buying. Some table lamps will not support LED bulbs and some will have old style CFLs, it is important to check if the lamp can switch between the two. Details like the maximum wattage need to be checked out before you make the final purchase.

6, Mix and match

The table lamp that you choose needs to fit in with the rest of the room and will need to match seamlessly with the rest of the rooms lighting fixtures.  A  chandelier will set the general mood of the room and the rooms functional lighting needs, the table lamp will need to fit in with this light. For a unique twist, try mixing two completely different table lamps, one rustic lamp and a crystal lamp but similar geometric shapes to give a room visual symmetry with an unusual twist!

The end bit

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