Bamboo fiber, how do you make bamboo fabric from the fiber?

Bamboo fiber

Bored with the cotton, synthetic fabric? If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place you’re searching.It is a bamboo fabric which is made from bamboo fiber. It is a highly effective eco-friendly option for every people. It not only enhances the beauty of your clothing but it is also cheap in price to buy for everyone. Also, it is highly recommended by many experts and designers too to make our fabric from bamboo fiber. Bamboo fabric is fully made from bamboo fabric. So there is no chance of polluting the environment or even harm anyway. So obviously we can come to a statement that bamboo fabric is the best eco-friendly fabric for our daily uses.  

Curious about the growing of bamboo fabric?

You can have a curiosity about why it is so eco-friendly and why others are not! The answer is it is fully a natural gift. China is the largest producer for commercial using purposes of this bamboo fabric which comes from bamboo fiber. Bamboo fibers are cultivated all over the world nowadays for it’s for it’s over demand and excessive uses. Many farmers are now well encouraged to grow the bamboo instead of others plants. It is easy to grow, to reap or even to carry.                                                                       

Transformation: Bamboo fiber to bamboo fabric

The eco-friendliest fabric, bamboo fabric is made from bamboo fiber. No other countries are much more advanced than China about the production of the bamboo fiber. They are applying new technology and advanced growing techniques about the cultivation of the bamboo. Recently they discovered hybrid of bamboo so that they can meet the public’s demand. It is mainly reaped at summer time. It is not cut down from the bottom as it has newly up grown cells. So they cut the bamboo from a little distance from the ground. They dry the bamboo, wash it and preserve in a dry place for further uses. Then the bamboo is cut into many pieces and sodium hydroxide is applied for getting dissolved in the cellulose. Then it is again washed and stored in a dry place for adding any pigment to get the desired color of the fiber. Because of the sodium hydroxide, the fiber has a long lasting capability with a high durability. It is very tough to tear though it has a very smooth surface. Thus by preparing the tissue, the next step comes.

We can make any closets with this eco-friendly bamboo fiber. Any bamboo sheets, bamboo pillows are nowadays made from bamboo fiber, any curtain or even bamboo clothes is also made from bamboo fiber that you’re using daily. It is highly efficient for handling as it has a highly anti-bacterial property which helps to prevent from germs, dust or any other harmful constituents. 

bamboo fiber

Bamboo leaves and canes

The Final Words

Now got an idea? Why should we use bamboo fabric? Yes, as stated above it is an eco-friendly most useful clothing option that you’ve never experienced earlier. To know more about bamboo made products you can visit here.

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