Modern & Contemporary Crystal Chandeliers: A Guide to the Best of 2021!

Modern & Contemporary Crystal Chandeliers:

Hile Lighting: Pendant Ceiling Chandelier

Hile Lighting Pendant Ceiling Chandelier

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The first chandelier that we picked today is the modern chandelier crystal ball fixture by Hile Lighting. This piece of good-looking dangling pendant lamp comes in metal and is made of crystals that are finished in chrome.

This fantastic chandelier light fixture will be an excellent choice for a bathroom, vanity room, hallway or a walk-in closet. It has good enough brightness to make a small space brighter and it comes at a very reasonable price.

Self-assembly is required and it can be quite tedious to hang all of the crystals, but the end result is truly stunning. The assembly should no longer than 30 minutes and instructions are provided. The customers are very happy to buy this one and have rated it a whopping 4.6/5.0

 LOVE the look of these! They look a lot more expensive than they are. The base is a mirror, so when you stand under it, it looks like the strands go way up into the ceiling. – Amazon Verified User
These are amazing chandeliers!! They look beautiful in my closet! Don’t hesitate!! Buy them!!! – A Foster


  • Height 8.7″ x length 8.7″ x width 9.8″
  • 3.3 lbs weight
  • 1 light, Incandescent light source
  • Modern style
  • Chrome color
  • Crystal and metal material
  • Chrome finish
  • Assembly required

Rating 4.6/5.0

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Jac D’Lights: 8 Lights Crystal Chandelier


Jac D'Lights Chandelier

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The second chandelier that made to our list is the 8 lights crystal chandelier by Jac D’lights in a steel finish. This piece of crystal lights will add style to any room like a bejeweled ceiling.

Pure glass crystals are used and they clink nice when it is windy or when they come together. This gorgeous piece of decor looks great in a dining room, living room, stair-space, bedrooms and even dens.

Assembling the whole chandelier from scratch is a bit tedious; however, with all the fittings and components included in the package, you should be able to put it together in a couple of hours. Expert Installation is provided at an extra cost but we suggest you do it on your own and so do the customers.

This thing doesn’t require “some assembly”, it requires ALL assembly. There were a couple of pieces missing, but the company quickly sent them out and a few extra pieces. It took an hour or so to put together, but it looks awesome in my dining room. – Ian 
So beautiful! We replaced our builder grade hanging fixture in our stairwell with this beauty and I couldn’t be more pleased. – Chelsea A


  • Height 28″ x width 28″ x length 28″
  • 8 Lights
  • 16 lbs weight
  • Classic style
  • Glass crystal and polished steel
  • Assembly required

Rating 4.6/5.0

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Whse of Tiffany: Royal Crystal Chandelier

Whse of Tiffany Crystal Chandelier

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Third on our list is this alluring square crystal chandelier by Whse of Tiffany that looks absolutely royal. The royal crystal chandelier will bring a lot of shine and bling to your home; be it the living room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen too.

The 4-light chandelier is finished in chrome and is made of real crystals. It requires four 100 watts bulbs. The square shade is a nice 17x17x16 inch; not too big, not too small.

This ceiling lamp will take a lot of your time if you are assembling anything for the first time. Though the whole package comes with instructions and pictures for assembly, putting it together is not that easy. Expert installation is provided at extra cost. Take a look at what the customers have to say.

If you want a blingy chandelier this is for you. Square shade makes it fit well in contemporary styles. The shade feels a bit flimsy and delicate with all the crystals but doesn’t really matter after it is hung and helps it not be so heavy I suppose. – D Hibler
  I love everything about this chandelier. Thanks to my husband that always try to do the best. This is a perfect size not too big not to small. – Julio Cabreja 


  • Height 17″ x width 17″ x length 9″
  • 4 Lights
  • 12 lbs
  • Modern style
  • Chrome finish, crystal & metal material
  • Assembly required

Rating 4.5/5.0

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Siljoy Lighting: Rectangular Crystal Chandelier

Siljoy Modern Crystal Chandeliers

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The fourth item on our list is the beautiful blingy square crystal chandelier by Siljoy Lightings. This piece of art will look great in the dining room. It can also be used in living room, kitchen, foyer, hotels, salons, and restaurants.

Siljoy is renowned for producing high-quality crystals and this is a perfect example of that. The chandelier is made of a steel base with gold plating and k9 clear crystals. An absolutely stunning modern pendant light that comes in two size dimensions and four different colors.

Self-assembly is required, but the instructions are a bit vague, so it could take some time to put it all together. Once the light has been installed it looks glorious, elegant and a lot more expensive than its current price tag. 


  • Height 8.86″ x length 31.5″ x width 9.84″,
  • 29 lbs weight,
  • 6 lights,
  • Incandescent light source
  • Contemporary style,
  • Golden and Polished colors,
  • Crystal, metal and glass material, Plating finish,
  • Assembly required

Rating 4.5/5.0

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Ella Fashion: Contemporary Luxury Crystal Chandelier

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When you think of contemporary and modern chandeliers, this would be what I would expect the design to look like. A stunning spiral chandelier with hanging crystal pendants and nine lights. This chandelier will look fantastic in just about every room, but a foyer would be an excellent focal point to the house.

Installation is required to set up the light with mounting hardware and instructions included, there is an option at an extra cost for expert installation. Some may find the assembly a little bit tricky, so the installation option may be required.

There are four other options that include, hanging crystal balls, balls style, simple fixture and single crystal wires. You can choose yur favorite among these and give your home a make-over.

Excellent size and look. I installed in a foyer of 7 ft by 7 ft with 22 ft height. Looks just perfect. Installation straightforward but took 4 hrs and $300. Its worth it. All the pieces were present in the box which arrived on time. – Amazon Verified User 

  looks great in my staircase, though installation is very time-consuming and tiring, the beauty of this gorgeous piece pays it off once you finish the job – Amazon Verified User 


  • Height 72.8″ x width 19.6″ x length 19.6″
  • 27 lbs
  • 7 Lights
  • Contemporary/Modern style
  • Crystal and chrome finish
  • Assembly required

Rating 4.5/5.0

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Dinggu: Chrome Finish 3-Lights Chandelier

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Our next crystal pendant light is this elegant and beautiful looking 3 piece ensemble. Finished in chrome and metal, this crystal chandelier makes a good arrangement in kitchen or dining room. It can also be used in a Living room, Bedroom or Foyer.

Comes with easy installation instructions and as per the customers, they had no complaints putting it together. They bring bling to your home and also come at a very reasonable price.

The crystals used are of good quality called the K9 clear crystals and the length of cable is adjustable for your convenience.

They look just like crystal kisses and is exactly what I expected. Looks great over my dining room table. – Sabra
Very pretty. Delivery was reasonable. Instructions for installation were helpful. Just don’t care for the plastic piece on the wire that shows. – Michelle Herr


  • Height 23.6″ x length 7.1″ x width 39.4″,
  • 6.6 lbs weight,
  • 3 lights,
  • LED light source,
  • Modern style,
  • Silver color, Chrome finish,
  • Crystal and metal material,
  • Assembly required

Rating 4.5/5.0

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LightInTheBox: 6-Light Contemporary Crystal Chandelier

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The next one on our list is the contemporary yet classic looking chandelier by Light in the Box. This is one of the most modern crystal chandeliers with 6 lights and many crystals. It looks visually stunning and comes at a fair price!

There is an option to get expert installation at an extra cost. However, most of the customers prefer doing it on their own. The self-assembly could take up to 5 hours, but it’s definitely worth the effort. And even though the Amazon customers have mentioned the process troublesome, that has not stopped them from giving this product a 5-star.

With 6 lights in a chrome finish, this gorgeous chandelier will grace any room in your house; be it a bedroom, living-room, dining-room and/or entry to make your home look stylish and unique.

 So beautiful makes a statement in the room….. More than satisfied… The installation was easy to do… Just reserve time to put all the pieces together …. Well worth it and the shipping was super fast !? – Amazon Customer
 An absolutely stunning light piece to hang over any dining room table. Be advised, that it takes a considerable amount of time to assemble this particular light chandelier as it is very complex. – Amazon Customer


  • Height 16″ x width 16″ x length 18″
  • 6 Lights
  • 11 lbs
  • Modern style
  • Crystal and metal material, chrome finish
  • Assembly required

Rating 4.3/5.0

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Jojo Spring: Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier

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The next chandelier is a little different from the rest. It is a black iron-shade crystal chandelier with contemporary styling and flush mount. It has a peculiar look that will accentuate any living room, bedroom, dining or foyer.

The installation process is clear and simple, yet takes several hours to fix properly. Paying extra for assembly is also one of the options. This antique looking chandelier will cast a stunning design on the ceiling.

You might think it is a hole in your pocket priced but it is worth every penny. And our customers have similar opinions as this product is a 4.6/5.0 rating.

It’s beautiful! It arrived quickly and was easy to assemble. Had some difficulty getting the light on the screws, but eventually got it up. Really looks great in the library! – K Gimbel 
This is truly beautiful! It was kind of a pain To hang but looks gorgeous. Also you cannot put it on a dimmer.. It’s very high quality for the price! – Kim B


  • Height 14.6″ x width 14.6″ x length 8.3″
  • 4 Lights
  • 9 lbs
  • Contemporary style
  • Metal material, black finish
  • Assembly required

Rating 4.6/5.0

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Topmax: Cut Crystal Ring Chandeliers

Check More Styles: Click Image

The ring chandeliers look beautiful in any room and Topmax has made sure that you can change the shape of the oval rings as per your ideas. All you need to do is to assemble them the way you want.

Yes, the assembly needed is quite tedious and does not come with expert installation option. This piece is visually attractive and will gain you a lot of compliments when you decorate your living room, dining room, bedroom or entry.

This ring chandelier comes in different styles like 2-ring chandelier (non-dimmable and dimmable), 3-ring chandelier (non-dimmable and dimmable) and a single ring chandelier.

 The temperature (color) of the light was a bit cooler (whiter) than expected, I’d guess it’s closer to 3750-4000K. Multiple crystals on the chandelier also came chopped or broken. However, they mailed me replacement crystals within a week or so from China. So they’ve earned back the lost star in my opinion. – J Yeung 
Easy to install .. took me 15 minutes to set and install by myself. – Malabueno 


  • Height 23.4″ x width 13.6″ x length 11.7″
  • 1, 2 or 3 rings
  • 11 lbs
  • Modern style
  • Metal material and cut crystal, chrome finish
  • Assembly required

Rating 4.2/5.0

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Ella Fashion: Crystop K9 Clear Crystal

Check Styles: Click on Image

If you are looking for a contemporary/modern chandelier with a stunning design, then this could be for you. It looks a lot more expensive than it is and it’s perfect for an entryway, dining or living room. The hanging crystals give this chandelier an elegant, but a modern twist to a hanging chandelier. Self assembly and installation is required, full instructions are included and should not take more than a couple of hours to setup.

Looks great and installation was a breeze. Installed 8w led lamps in it – nice and bright. – Dmitriy Pustilnik 
 I was hoping this chandelier would fit my bedroom decor. I can not say how beautiful it really is after getting all put together and hung. I absolutely love it!!! – Veronica Westbrook 


  • Height 31.5″ x width 9.8″ x length 8.9″
  • 5 lights
  • 27 lbs
  • Contemporary style
  • Stainless steel and crystal, chrome finish
  • Assembly required

Rating 4.2/5.0

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Our final chandelier in this review is a lovely round fixture with hangings crystals and a white shade. Perfect for any room in the house, but we think it will be ideal for a master bedroom.

Self-assembly is required, hanging the crystals could be quite time consuming, but there is an option at an extra cost for expert installation.

 Such a cute light! Used it for my husbands office room….only problem is it doesn’t give off to much light (in case you like a lot of light like me) we have to keep an extra lamp on the room when I put my makeup on, but other than that it’s super cute! Looks expensive too! – Aida Djokovic 
 Very chic…the picture does not show it, but the shade is made of many black silky strings.
There were too many crystals, so I simply didn’t attach 8 of the crystals. Perfection! – Elena


  • Height 15″ x width 15″ round
  • 3 lights
  • Contemporary style
  • Empress crystal
  • Assembly required

Rating 4.2/5.0

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The Best of the Rest:

Still not decided on what you wish to purchase or require more to choose from, then do not fret, here are the best rated by category on Amazon.

How about a crystal table lamp for your living room, dining room or bedroom? Read my crystal lamps guide here!

Types of Crystal Glass:

Crystalline is glass with 6-105 of lead oxide. A half-lead crystal contains 24-30% lead, and full lead crystal contains lead percentage more than 30%. There are many types of crystals used in the making of crystal lights and chandeliers. We have discussed few and the most common crystal types below for you.

Machine Cut Crystals

Machine cut crystals have precise edges, good angles, and sharp facets to reflect light effectively. The visual purity and precise polishing add to the look and shine of the crystals.

Hand Cut Crystals

Hand cut crystals are manually labored crystals that are reputed for being highly refractive and are just perfect to give chandeliers that antique look and sparkle. The crystals are processed in two different steps; first, the crystals are cut by sandstone and iron wheel and then secondly they are polished manually using a wood wheel and marble dust.

Legacy Crystals

These crystals are also known as Venetian crystals and originate from Venice. These crystals are handblown by the artisans instead of cutting with machines and tools. The bright and shimmering look of the crystals lend an authentic feel and antique look to the chandeliers. Today most of the antique look chandeliers are made of the Venetian crystals.

Apart from the above type of crystals that are processed using three main techniques, you also get to see various other types of on the market for making chandeliers.

The Swarovski Crystal

The Swarovski crystal is considered as one of the finest crystals in the world which originate from Austria. The crystals from Austria are clear and pure and are available in various colors including gold and silver. If you are looking for a vintage charm to the chandeliers, then these crystals will add the look for sure.

Crystal rocks

The crystal rocks were used in the 16th century for making chandeliers where candles were used as light sources. Today we can find chandeliers made of these crystals only in ancestral properties, palaces, and museums.

Colored Crystals

Today we find these crystals in various types of chandeliers. The color is coated onto the crystal, and you can find almost all colors of crystals on the market.

Cleaning Crystal Chandeliers:

Dirty or dusty crystal chandeliers fail to give off the atmospheric effects expected of them.  Proper care of your crystal light is essential to achieving the full effect of the piece.  Follow these steps carefully while cleaning your crystal, and be sure to take great care of each piece as you clean.

Spray and Drip-dry Cleaning

This method of cleaning is good to remove dirt and dust every two to six months.  This method does not require the crystals to be removed from the fixture.

Switch off the power to the fixture and ensure that the bulbs are screwed in tight to prevent water seeping into the sockets.  For further protection, cover each bulb with a small sandwich bag and tie something around the base.  Pace a towel on the floor below the crystal bathroom vanity lighting to absorb the dripping cleaner.

For the best cleaning spray, you can either use a store-bought crystal cleaning solution, or you can make your own.  To make your own, mix one-part ammonia with three parts distilled water, as tap water can leave marks on crystal.  Some crystal manufacturers believe that hot, soapy water is an effective cleaner.  Others suggest a mixture of one-part isopropyl alcohol to three parts distilled water.

Spray the crystal thoroughly so that the solution covers all surfaces of the fixture, but avoid any electrical components or exposed wire.  The fixture should remain stationary.  Let the solution drip off the crystals, cleaning the dirt off.  Spray the crystals with distilled water to thoroughly clean any remaining dirt or soap.  An alternative to letting the crystals drip dry is to wipe them dry with clean cotton gloves.  Once the crystals have dried, remove the bulbs from their sockets and use a soft microfiber cloth with cleaning solution to wipe down the light sockets.

Cleaning Individual Crystals

If the crystals have accumulated tough dirt and grime, the best option is to remove the individual crystals from the fixture and hand wash them.  Line a sink or basin with a towel to protect the crystals while washing them, then fill the container with warm water and dish-washing soap.  Line a second basin the same way, and fill with a mixture of hot water and ammonia.

Carefully remove the crystals from one section of the light at a time, taking note of where they are positioned on the fixture.  Take a picture of the fixture before you begin cleaning, as reference for replacing the pieces.  Wash the crystals gently in the soapy water, then rinse them in the ammonia mixture.  Wipe each crystal dry with a clean, soft cloth.  Carefully hang the crystals back in the correct places.  Use a cloth or gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints.

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