Bamboo Flooring, The Advantages and a Few Disadvantages

Bamboo flooring

At my parents house in Nonthaburi, Thailand, we have bamboo flooring and a lot of houses in Thailand and Asia use this method for flooring. I’ve noticed that in Western countries bamboo floors are seen as either exotic or eco-friendly, in reality they are better than wooden floors and here are some reasons why…

bamboo flooring

bamboo flooring


Bamboo is an environmentally friendly hardwood that takes 3 to 5 years to harvest which is a lot quicker than trees that can take anything from 20 to 50 years to mature enough for wooden flooring. The bamboo plant’s roots allow it to grow back after harvesting and it’s an easy plant to grow as requires no chemicals, plus less water usage.

It looks exotic

Bamboo does look exotic, most people will think of bamboo canes or see photos of bamboo plants growing in Asia. The bamboo canes are split into narrow strips and then glued back together to form the flooring boards. The unique patterns of the bamboo grain do make for an exotic and beautiful looking flooring, but in Asia we take it for granted as most people have them!

Easy to clean

Bamboo floors are very easy to clean and maintain, just sweep or vacuum clean the flooring. In Thailand we use twig broom or a feather duster to sweep the floor, you can buy bamboo floor cleanser online if you don’t fancy using a broom.


There are issues with maintaining bamboo flooring vs hardwood floors. Bamboo is more prone to water damage, warping and stains, so taking good care of the floor is vital. Bamboo floors can become scratched easily by things like high heels, animal paws and furniture legs.

The end of bamboo flooring

I hope you enjoyed my article on bamboo flooring? If you did please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, Noi.

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