Bamboo vs Cotton Sheets – The Clear Choice

A lot of people undermine the importance of bed linen in helping produce restful sleep.

Instead, they pop toxic drugs and nootropics in their quest for sleep aids. The fact is that if you aren’t sleeping well and you have ruled out any possible health complication, then it might be time to check on your bed linen.

A soft and luxurious bed sheet feels comfortable to the touch, doesn’t create hot spots, keeps you warm on cold nights. Along with your mattress, it is hands down, the most important thing that will help you sleep better.

Thankfully, there are a lot of fibers that fit these criteria perfectly.

At the forefront are cotton and bamboo. Two unexpected rivals battling it out for the crown for the most comfortable bed linen.

If you have ever used cotton bedsheets, then you might be tempted to test out bamboo and vice a versa. After all, the grass is always greener on the other side.

So, how do these two fare in terms of comfort, cost, performance and maintenance? Let’s find out.


There’s a thin line that separates the two when it comes to comfort.

There are many varieties of cotton which vary in their degree of comfort. The most comfortable of them all is Egyptian Cotton, which is often called the King of Cotton. It is incredibly soft, luxurious to the touch and gets softer with each wash. However, cotton sheets, especially, the luxurious variety tend to be slippery.

Cariloha sateen weave bamboo sheets

Bamboo sheets on the other hand are silkier. They can be as soft as the most luxurious variety of Egyptian cotton. But they are not slippery and hence, wont slip off your body when you sleep.

Cotton has always been touted as the best breathable fabric that absorbs sweat. This is partly due to the fact that it can be woven into extra-long and super thin threads. This significantly increases the thread count which in turn, means more comfort and durability.

Bamboo is giving cotton a run for its money in this regard.

It is more breathable, has excellent sweat absorption capabilities and will never stick to your body even on a hot night. Bamboo fiber regulates heat naturally and has thermal properties. This makes them perfect for all seasons. They stay warm in winters and are airy and cool during summers.

So, in terms of comfort, Bamboo scores over cotton.


Cotton is gentle on the skin. It generally does not cause skin allergies or rashes. But it does not have any specific hypoallergenic properties. So, it may or may not work for you.

Bamboo on the other hand is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, deodorizing and can be completely natural, depending on the type of fiber you buy.

This makes it an infallible choice for people who have allergies or respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis.

Both fibers are easily washable and low on maintenance.

So, if you have allergies, bamboo is clearly the better choice. If not, then both might work for you.


There is a huge variation in the cost of both bamboo and cotton sheets and its largely dependent on the type of fabric and the thread count you seek.

Cariloha sateen weave bamboo sheets

You can find cheap bamboo knockoffs at dirt cheap prices. But authentic 100% pure bamboo fiber will be pricey.

The same holds true for cotton sheets. You can find cheap varieties of cotton bedsheets. But their quality is nothing to write home about. Luxurious Egyptian cotton can be as expensive as Bamboo sheets, if not more.

Environmental Impact

Bamboo is one of the most widely cultivated crops these days because it is sustainable and has thousands of potential applications across a range of industries. Also, it is one of the easiest and fastest growing crops that does not require extensive watering or the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides. The fiber produced from one acre of bamboo is much more than what one acre of cotton would produce.

Cotton on the other hand is considered to be amongst the dirtiest of crops grown on the planet. It requires extensive pesticide use, some of which are found in the final fabric in the form of residues.

Final Verdict

Cotton has always remained the uncrowned king of fabrics used for bed linen. It has been around for decades.

However, Bamboo seems all set to topple it from the throne as it clearly offers better performance and value for money.

It is environmentally low-impact and completely hypoallergenic. It can rival cotton when it comes to softness and luxuriousness.

Why pay more for a fabric that’s a ‘dirty’ crop when you have completely natural choices at hand?

That decision is for you to make.

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