How to Spot a Comfortable Sleeper Sofa

How to spot a comfortable sleeper sofa

Your first apartment, and you just realized how high your costs are. Investing in a comfortable sleeper sofa right now, feels like the perfect option for your tiny affordable studio apartment in the city. With what everything else seems to cost, substituting an average bed, and an average sofa for the best sleeper sofa out there seems like the perfect option, doesn’t it? Your sleep is very important, no matter how less you seem to be making of it these days.

But then how do you spot this supposed comfortable-as-a-cloud, sleeper sofa? Yes, trying out the sofas makes perfect sense, but then what about it fitting into your apartment? Or even the height once it finally does reach your apartment? How do you judge it?

Or are you an online buyer, barely having enough time to go to the closest store that is around twenty miles from your area, and just thinking about the time you’ll be wasting makes you cringe?

Based on our own research and personal experience, we’ve narrowed down certain specifications that are normally what make the sofa comfortable in the first place:

  1. Functionality and User. When looking at comfortable sofas, the first thing you need to look at is how you’re going to be using it at large.
  • If you arrive home early enough daily, you’ll have enough energy to open and elongate a sleeper sofa to end your day with. In this case, you should consider how well the hinges of the sofa work, i.e. if it’s easier to pull open the sofa at a later stage.
  • If you’re generally arrive later than usual at home, you’re more likely to forego opening the sofa, letting it stay closed as you simply ‘crash’. In this case, the hinges won’t matter, but the size of the sofa as well as the material of the sofa will.
  1. Apartment Space. If you live in a smaller than usual apartment, it’ll be wiser to buy a twin size sleeper sofa, that won’t take up too much of your space. But if you’re apartment has enough space to host a large enough sofa bed, purchasing a queen size bed will be comfortable as well as soothing enough to lie down in. Stretching in such a large bed will feel amazing as well.
  1. Quality in Hardwood. If you’re one to want durability, buying quality hardwood frames will provide enough strength to last a few years, making this purchase a good enough investment as well. Plus, once you do decide to buy an actual bed, selling your sofa bed will be easier to do with quality furnishes.
  1. If you’re an exceptionally tall person, make sure you’re considering the height and length of the sleeper sofa before buying it. For it to be comfortable, you need to be able to fit in properly. In turn, checking out the width can help if you’re one to toss and turn a lot, providing you with enough room to stretch as well.
  1. Feel for smooth edges. One of the most popular complaints regarding sofa beds are the sharp edges, that dig into your skin leaving bruises if they’re sharp enough. Smooth edges in turn won’t affect you as much, and will make sure you’re not disturbed throughout the night. For a person with a busy schedule, getting proper rest can be termed a blessing.
  1. The mattress. The current trend in mattresses for proper rest is made up of memory foam, that literally cradles you as you sleep, providing warmth and enough pressure to massage your back specifically. Purchasing a sleeper sofa with a memory foam mattress can help you practice a good enough sleep schedule, keeping your health in check, for the long run.

Now that you’ve understood what all to look for while purchasing a sleeper sofa, or a sofa bed, you can go ahead and make your own decision efficiently.

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