Give Your Bathroom a Rustic Vibe

You might think that a rustic interior design only fits cute little village cottages surrounded by orchards or forests, but that’s not the case.

No matter if you live in the suburbs, rural area or an urban environment, a rustic decor will fit in any home. So don’t let that stop you from transforming your bathroom into a rustic heaven. Rustic decor usually involves the use of many natural materials with very little finishing and alterations in order to retain their original color, texture and shape. It also concentrates on warm colors that can be found in nature and some greenery to bring the space to life.

So, think of nature, simplicity and raw materials when decorating your space in a rustic way. If you don’t know where to start with your bathroom redecoration, here’s a little guide that can help you turn your bathroom into a comfy and pleasant rustic space.

Keep it natural

Rustic bathrooms are all about creating a soothing and harmonic atmosphere that will make every visit to your bathroom a pleasant experience. You want to use as many natural and raw materials as possible.

Think stone, brass, wood and even concrete (especially if you’re leaning towards an industrial design). A great way to introduce stone into your bathroom is to get sinks made of stone.

There are different designs you can opt for, from simple vessels to more elaborate carved stone creations, but make sure you can see the natural pattern and grain of the material. It can really be an interesting and rustic focal point of your bathroom. You can also use stone to create an interesting backsplash.

Vintage and Unique

Another effective and eye-catching way to incorporate natural materials into your bathroom is to use old vintage furniture or old wooden doors.

If you can’t find interesting pieces to buy, but you have some DIY experience, you can make unique furniture from old reclaimed wood. If you’re going for a rustic look, weathered and aged pieces will perfectly add to the vibe, and they won’t cost too much.

Additionally, you can use different fabrics in your bathroom to make it more comfortable and homey. Sturdy fabrics that can take some wear and tear like burlap, linen, cotton, wool are perfect for this style. You can get bathroom rugs in these materials, just make sure they are of appropriate color.

Minimalist elegance

Elegant elements

Elegant bathtub

You may think that minimalism and rustic interior design can’t go together, but actually, they complement each other very well. If you introduce one or two carefully chosen details or furniture pieces into your bathroom, they will give your space a special dose of elegance.

These pieces can be anything from your tiles to your bathtub or shower. For instance, perfectly chosen, simple and elegant baths always make rustic bathrooms outstanding. These minimalist elements additionally highlight rustic details that are present in the room. So, if you want the rustic design to really pop, incorporate a few neutral and simple elements for contrast.

Perfectly imperfect

Rustic design values the past of every piece of decor and furniture and it often features pieces that are antiques and vintage. You can check out some antique stores in search for interesting and appropriate elements for your bathroom. If you can’t find anything that’s right for you, you can make your new furniture look antique with a process called distressing.

Take the piece you want to look distressed and treat it with a wire brush, sandpaper and different sharp tools to create color variations, cuts and marks on the surface. All these little details add character to the piece, making it look old and charming.

Additionally, if you have some shelves, armoires, mirrors or chandeliers that have seen better days, don’t throw them away. These less-than-perfect pieces will fit perfectly into your rustic bathroom, and will give it some additional charm. If you really have to refresh them a little, don’t have them completely refurbished. Give them a fresh coat of paint, and don’t forget to add a few marks here and there to create a weathered effect.

Rustic Colors

Wall color

Choose a perfect color

The color of your bathroom greatly depends on the level of rusticity you’re trying to achieve. If you’re aiming for a mild rustic look, opt for white or beige. The key is in using warm hues that can be found in nature. For a more rustic look, go with darker natural hues such as dark green, brown and gray.

Another element many professional interior designers use to achieve the rustic look is dark metals. Metal is present in every interior design style. Chrome is present in modern decor, gold in traditional design and dark metals are synonymous with a rustic decor.

Dark metals are very subtle and pair very well with organic wood and stone. This can work perfectly in your bathroom, because metal is quite easy to maintain, even in humid environments. You can replace your old shower curtain rod with a rustic wrought-iron rod for a nice detail that will add to your rustic design. You can also add some dark metal details on your door in the form of knobs and hangers.

Add some greenery

Flowers in a a vintage clay planters

Plants are known to bring any space to life, and the same works for rustic decor, and it’s also a great way to add some live nature to your home. Even though people don’t usually put plants in the bathroom, it’s a great way to add some color and freshness to the room. You can find a vintage clay planter to fill up an empty corner or get some hanging planters that look very interesting and rustic. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can refresh your bathroom with a simple bouquet of field flowers.

As you can see, a rustic design is neither complicated to pull off nor expensive. If you use organic materials, natural colors and dark metal accessories you’ll end up with a cozy bathroom you’ll want to spend time in.

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