Bamboo Comforters Reviews: A Guide to the Best 10 of 2024!

Hi and thanks for visiting this site! If you are looking for bamboo comforters then we have selected the best available online from Amazon in our review.  The comforters reviewed are the best that money can buy and they will bring a much needed organic feeling to your sleep!

We have covered the most popular ones in this guide. There is no best or worst in this review, but each has been given a guidance rating out of five. These are some of the best bamboo comforters that we have reviewed for you, enjoy!

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In the end, we have shared some tips on how to maintain your comforters.

Bamboo Duvet Comforter by Cariloha

So let’s start with the first comforter on our list. The bamboo duvet by Cariloha; one of the best manufacturers of bamboo bed and bath as well as apparel. The above duvet comforter is 100% viscose from bamboo, both interior and exterior and is supposed to be dry cleaned only.

This is one of the best comforters money can buy for any season, any weather use that will provide ultra-softness for ultra comfort. The normal size by Cariloha is always a bit oversized, meaning, if you are buying a queen size, it might end up fitting your king size bed too.

Bamboo Duvet Comforter by Cariloha

Product Details:

  • Queen Size – 96″ x 92″ / King Size: 110″ x 96″
  • White color
  • 100% viscose from bamboo
  • Dry clean only

This can easily be the best comforter you would end up buying and our customers have rated it a 4.4/5. See what they have to say about the comforter.

Cariloha Bamboo Duvet Comforter
Cariloha Bamboo Duvet Comforter
100% Viscose from Bamboo – All Season Duvet Comforter (Queen)

I researched natural comforters to the nth degree. THIS ONE, HANDS DOWN THE BEST! An ecologically sustainable material, hypoallergenic, no chemicals, HUGE, perfect weight. We live in Tucson. Compared to everything out there, it’s well worth the money, especially if you plan on keeping it for a VERY long time! 
Pamela Ferree

Royal Hotel Collection by SheetsnThings

The second on our list is the royal hotel collection by Sheets n Things. Sheets n Things sell some of the best down comforters at a very reasonable price on Amazon and online only. The Royal Collection is made from 100% Rayon from Bamboo cover with 300 thread count.

The 300 thread count makes this comforter extremely softer and gives outstanding durability keeping the duvet evenly distributed for warmth. And last but not the least, the white color with black lining makes it look elegant and comfortable.

This all bamboo cover is not only super silky but good value for money too. It comes at a pretty decent price for a super heavy and fluffy bamboo comforter. It can be dry cleaned or machine washed.

Product Details:

  • Sizes: Full, Queen, King, and California King
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • 300TC Viscose Rayon from Bamboo
  • Down Alternative Clusters Fiber Filling
  • Machine Washable or Dry Clean

100-Percent Bamboo Viscose Shell

It fits a California King well and it is very comfortable! I tend to be cold and my boyfriend tends to be hot, but somehow this comforter helps us both to be happy! I’d buy it again in a heartbeat. 
Sherri Griffin

Bamboo Fiber Comforter by Organic Textiles

Third, on our list is a luxury brand comforter filled with bamboo fiber. Organic Textiles does not only bring the best comforters but also more bedding options. This company is known for making eco-friendly and organic products for healthy living.

The bamboo fiber-filled down comforter is a mix of bamboo, cotton, and Tencel that makes it super soft. The cover is 100% cotton and the filling is bamboo and Tencel. The Tencel wood fiber is derived from the eucalyptus tree.

Product Details:

  • Sizes: Twin – 70×90, Queen – 90×90, King – 104×96
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • 300TC 100% Cotton Cover
  • 50% Bamboo and 50% Tencel
  • Machine Washable or Dry Clean

The comforter can be dry cleaned or machine washed and it comes at a very economical price. Check out the image and link to check price.

Organic Textiles
Organic Textiles
Organic Cotton Cover with wood fiber filling
Good quality, a bit thinner than you might think if you expect a big plushy thing.
Alexander B
Great Comforter. It doesn’t make you sweat and keeps you just warm enough. I use it with a light cotton blanket. Very happy with this purchase.

Bamboo Comforter by Egyptian Bedding

The fourth product that made to our list is a down comforter by Egyptian Bedding. This company has been selling bedding products for years and is very popular online.

This down comforter is made by 300 thread count silky rayon from the bamboo shell, overfilled with clusters and end to end baffle-box construction that secures the clusters in place and spreads evenly. Also, it comes allergy-free.

This bamboo comforter only comes in four sizes; Full, King, Queen & California King. They are machine washable with a five-year warranty. This comforter is very soft, fluffy, and big; a perfect product for year-round use.

Product Details:

  • Size: Queen & Full – 90 x 90 | King & California King – 106 x 90
  • Weight: Queen & Full – 8 Lbs |King & California King – 10 Lbs
  • Side Gusset: 2 inches for even warmth
  • Machine Washable & Allergy Free
  • 5-year warranty
    Egyptian Bedding
    Egyptian Bedding
    Luxurious Overfilled Bamboo Down Alternative Comforter

    Wonderful!!! Pop in dryer for 10-20 minutes to puff up out of box, and poof it is fantastic fluffy and warm as well as light, you want to stay in bed all day LOL!!!
    Angie Martinez Alvarez
     Very soft, very comfortable – best comforter ever! 

Bamboo Duvet Comforter by Cozy Earth

Fifth on our list is this super comfortable bamboo comforter by Cozy Earth. It is made from 100% bamboo shell and bamboo fiber. Cozy Earth is renowned to make luxurious and eco-friendly bedding products and is one of the top best-sellers.

The fabric on this duvet is 100% bamboo fiber and the filling is 100% bamboo shell. It makes this comforter a 100% eco-friendly option. It also helps in moisture-wicking as the fabric is highly permeable and frees one from night sweats.

Apart from being hypoallergenic, it is also inhospitable to bugs, mites, bacteria, and molds. It is probably the cleanest and most eco-friendly comforter on earth.

Product Details:

  • Size: King – 19x8x18, Queen – 19x6x16, Twin – 19x6x15
  • Weight: 8.35 Lbs, 6.65 Lbs, 5 Lbs
  • Hypoallergenic and Bug-resistant

Rated 5/5 makes this bamboo comforter number one seller. One of the best ratings on a comforter is earned by the Cozy Earth Bamboo Comforter.

Cozy Earth
Cozy Earth
Bamboo Comforter with Superior Softness, Perfect Temperature – All Season Weight (Queen)

  I loved it so much I have a Cozy Earth Comforter, I also like the fact that the bedding is hypoallergenic, especially since I have allergies.
Amazon Customer

My wife and I ordered Cozy Earth Comforter in the King Size and we absolutely love it. Cozy Earth products never disappoint!
Otto Jan

Bamboo Comforter by Egyptian Cotton

Next and sixth on the list is this beautifully designed goose down comforter by Egyptian Cotton. Egyptian Cotton is one more company that makes the best bedding products and this comforter set is one of them.

This goose down comforter comes as a set of 4; a comforter, two shams & a duvet cover. Made of 100% rayon from bamboo, this set is a luxurious 1000 thread count and with 750+ fill power. The footer of the comforter has buttons for non-slip down quality.

They come in 4 sizes and 7 colors. The set is allergy free and machine washable. It is super comfortable and you are missing something in life if you haven’t yet tried this comforter. Check out the product details for more information.

Product Details:

  • Size: Queen – 90×90 / King – 106×90 / Full – 90×90/ California King – 106×90
  • Colors: White / Ivory / Sage / Blue / Gold / Taupe / Beige
  • Allergy-Free
  • Machine Wash & Dry Clean

Egyptian Cotton Factory
Egyptian Cotton Factory
Luxurious 1000 Thread Count Queen Size Goose Down Alternative Comforter Set

I ordered this set and it was better than I expected. True to color and very nice quality, however, it did not go well with the colors in my bedroom. I returned the set and couldn’t have asked for any better customer service, very responsive and accommodating!

  This product has been great so far and I have no complaints. I would definitely by again and happy with my purchase.
Amazon Customer

Plush Down Comforter by Elegant Bedding

The seventh on our list is the overfilled hypoallergenic comforter set that is ultra-soft. This bamboo plush down alternative comforter is manufactured by Elegant Bedding; a company that has amazing bedding products at a very reasonable rate and popular amongst the customers.

This comforter comes in Full/Queen and King/California King size, with two shams. Made of 100% rayon from bamboo, it has 300 thread count and comes with a baffle-box construction. It is made of imported fabric that meets end-to-end vertical tact construction for the filling to be kept in place.

You get all the good qualities of a luxury brand at a fair price. The comforter comes hypoallergenic and is machine washable. Elegant Bedding is renowned for it’s extra soft and plus quality bedding sets.

Product Details:

  • Size: Full / Queen – 90 x 90
  • Weight: 4.56 Lbs
  • Allergy-Free
  • Machine Washable & Dry Clean

Elegant Bedding
Elegant Bedding
Overfilled Hypoallergenic Bamboo Plush Down Alternative Comforter
I like this comforter a lot. It has lived up to my expectations after a couple of weeks and I’m glad it’s made in USA
James Dombrowski

  It’s lightweight made me think it wouldn’t really be warm. WRONG!!! It’s very warm. We set the thermostat down at night and my feet are usually freezing all night, I was wearing 2 pairs of socks. Not anymore! I am comfortable in a tee-shirt and bare feet.
June Cancellier

Bamboo Comforter 4-piece Set by Pure Luxury Linens

The eights item on our list is the latest manufacturer of bamboo comforters; the Pure Luxury Linens company. They are new bedding item producers and have already gained good followers. The product we have selected is a super soft and silky 4-piece comforter set.

Made of 100% rayon from bamboo showcasing 300 thread count for easy washing. The bamboo bedding has natural wicking features which means you can goodbye to night sweats. The item is made from 100% eco-friendly source and one can rest assured about any skin allergies.

Product Details:

  • Size: Full/Queen – 90x 90 | King/California King – 106×92
  • Weight: 15 Lbs
  • Cold Machine Wash Only

Luxury Linens
Luxury Linens
Super Soft & Silky 4 Piece Comforter Set

Bamboo Comforter 4-piece Set by Royal Hotel

Ninth on our list is this luxurious 4-piece comforter set made by Royal Hotel. The presence of this company is seen online as well as in local stores like Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, BHG and more.

This product is made of 100% rayon from bamboo demonstrating 300 thread count. An extremely comfortable and luxurious bedding product that can be used in all temperatures and seasons.

This 4-piece bamboo set is totally allergy free and can be washed in a machine. The structure of this comforter is box stitched to avoid shifting the filling. It also comes in 4 sizes and 8 colors.

Product Details:

    • Size: Full/Queen – 90x 90 | King/California King – 106×90
    • Colors: White / Ivory / Sage / Blue / Gold / Taupe / Beige / Tan
    • 4 Piece: 1 Comforter, 2 Shams, 1 Duvet Sheet
  • Cold Machine Wash Only

Royal Hotel
Royal Hotel
4PC Down-Alternative Comforter

Bamboo-Derived Rayon Comforter by Mandarin Home

Last on our list is one more economical comforter made by Mandarin Home. This company sells its products online. This comforter is super stylish and comfortable for relaxed nights.

The Mandarin Home goose down alternative comforter is 100% rayon derived from the bamboo shell of the highest quality. It features corner ties to secure duvet cover and has strong stitching to add durability.

The comforter comes in an array of colors and all sizes. It is hypoallergenic so sensitive people can stay free from allergies and it is stain free as well so hygienic people can stay free of worries. It will also need no ironing as this comforter is also wrinkle-free.

Product Details:

  • Size: Full/Queen/King/California King/Twin/Twin XL
  • Colors: White / Ivory / Sage / Navy / Gray / Brown
  • Weight: 7 Lbs
  • Machine Washable
  • Stain Resistant / Wrinkle Resistant / Fade Resistant / Hypoallergenic

Mandarin Home
Mandarin Home
Bamboo Comforter with Goose Down Alternative Fill
  Arrived in a small box. I thought it was a mistake at first, but they suck the air out of the packaging. Once I cut the bag open, it sprung to life. I bought the queen size for my full mattress. I like it to hang over the sides, which it does. The gray color looks very nice.
Becca W

  I was looking for a good eco-friendly hypoallergenic and this is the best one! It feels amazingly soft. Also, the comforter not only keeps you warm, but is literally as light as a feather which makes it so nice to sleep with! 
Miss Daisy

Taking Care of Comforters

Even as you enjoy your comforter, you need to know how to take care of it. Comforters are known hosts for dust mites and other debris, and continuous use increases your chances of getting an allergic reaction. To prevent this and keep yourself healthy, you need to know how to take proper care of your comforter.

  • Read the care label

Your comforter should have a care label containing cleaning instructions. Most down and down alternative comforters can be washed at home using mild detergent although there are some that can only be dry cleaned. Ensure you read the care label and follow the instructions.

  • Determine if the comforter needs to be cleaned

Comforters need to be cleaned once in a few months. However, it can be cleaned sooner depending on your needs. For instance, you might want to wash your comforter monthly if you have allergies. Also, you do not have to clean your comforter if the problem is a single stain.

  • Remove Stains

You may have an accidental spill that leads to the formation of stains. When this happens, you do not have to wash the entire comforter but instead, focus on removing the stain. You can remove the stain using a non-detergent solution like woodlite and dilute it with a small amount of water. You can also use a home-made paste made of baking soda and water, baking soda and white vinegar in equal portions or carbonated water. You should shift the filling away from the stained area then apply a small amount of the solution to the area being treated. Blot the area using a clean white piece of cloth or towel.

You can also rub the fabric together to loosen the stain and rinse it with some water. Squeeze the excess water and blot using a clean white towel.

  • Loading the comforter into the washing machine

When loading the comforter, ensure it is evenly distributed in the washing machine. The comforter needs to have enough room for the cleaning to be thorough. If your washing machine looks small, wash it in one of the large washers at the Laundromat.

  • Machine settings

The washing machine should be on the delicate setting to prevent damage to the casing. The water temperature is chosen according to several factors. Use cool or warm water as indicated on the label. If you want to kill dust mites and do not have a dryer, use hot water. If you are concerned about damaging the fabric or color with the high-heat wash, use cool or warm water to wash it then the heat can be used in the drying step.

  • Detergent

Use a mild detergent when cleaning our comforter to prevent over-foaming and reduce stripping the feathers of down comforters.

  • Drying the comforter

Use a low-heat setting when drying the comforter. Kill dust mites using high-heat settings but read the label before you use the high-heat setting since some things might not withstand the heat.

  • Complete the drying process

Complete the drying process by hanging the comforter outside for a few hours if it is dry and sunny outside. Doing this will prevent mildew by ensuring it is completely dry and you can skip using the dryer if it is very hot and sunny outside. Fluff and rotate it every few hours to prevent the down from collecting on one side. You can also hang it on a drying rack in a well-ventilated area if the weather is not conducive.

This method can be used for caring of bamboo mattress and other bamboo bedding too.

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