9 reasons why bamboo is fantastic and there are plenty more too!

9 reasons why bamboo is fantastic

When people hear the word “bamboo”, they immediately think of panda bears.  Many never realize that bamboo is a useful plant that is very friendly to the planet.  With the continued increase in global warming, the Earth needs some ways to slow its progress—and bamboo may just the thing to do it. One of the most adaptable plants on the planet, bamboo, can help achieve environmental stability and sustainability.  Rigorous testing has taken place to determine the potential bamboo has in geoengineering. Results show that it can be useful in solving many of today’s issues. Here are 9 reasons why bamboo is fantastic…

panda eating bamboo

panda eating bamboo

1,  Bamboo may be useful for geoengineering for slowing the effects of global warming.

One the main concerns of environmentalists today is finding ways to rid the Earth’s atmosphere of greenhouse gases.  Trees and plant remove the harmful gases, but they do so very slowly.  Bamboo has been determined to be very useful in decreasing the amount of these gases and purifies the atmosphere.  In comparison to other plants, bamboo removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at a faster rate.  Trees grow very slowly.  They do not remove greenhouses gases rapidly.  Because bamboo grows so quickly, it is more adept at removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere at a rate that will benefit the environment.  They also release more oxygen into the atmosphere.

2, Bamboo’s quick growth makes it a very cost effective material.

While some agricultural products take a long time to produce, bamboo grows quickly.  Bamboo may grow from 24 to 48 inches in just one day. Because of its quick growth, it is a good business foundation for building materials, wood products, skateboards, furniture, and more.

3, Bamboo has the potential for becoming a nation’s main crop. 

With many countries worldwide hoping to gain their share of the global market, competition can become intense.  With the growth of bamboo in Eastern Asia, this crop alone could help them gain their place in the market.  Because of its rapid and voluminous growth, this crop alone could be the basis for bolstering their failing economies.  Because it is so versatile, many different businesses can benefit from using bamboo in their business.

4, The bamboo plant can be used in its entirety.

Many agricultural products and crops produce waste and by-products.  Many plants create waste when they are harvested and made into other products.  In fact, some produce so much waste that they are not grown in order to preserve the environment.  With bamboo, the entire plant is useful so the environment benefits.  It does not contribute to the agricultural waste problem.  Using bamboo improves the product to waste ratio.

5, Bamboo thrives in many different growing habitats. 

While bamboo prefers a tropical climate—its own natural habitat, it also grows in many other habitats and climates.  It may continue to grow well even if the environment deteriorates due to global change.  While some of the effects of global change are going to take place, the loss of bamboo will not likely be one of them.  Bamboo helps prevent some climate changes around the globe so it will likely to continue to grow well despite global warming.  In fact, it is likely that bamboo will take the place of many crops that succumb to global climate changes.

6, Bamboo prevents soil erosion. 

While almost all agricultural processes, procedures, and crop planting cause damage to the soil, growing bamboo actually improves the soil.  Harvesting timber typically is not good for the soil; however, growing and harvesting bamboo is much better for the soil than other crops.  Planting bamboo is an excellent way to prevent soil erosion with its solid root system that covers a wide area providing soil stability.  People who grow bamboo can be sure they are not causing any environmental concerns.

7, Growing bamboo is a chemical free process. 

Bamboo tends to be pest free, thus, it can be grown without harmful chemicals.  Pesticides tend to be harmful to the environment while also infiltrating the crop.  The ability to produce a crop that is pesticide and herbicide free creates a more stable environmental system.  The bamboo produces its own fertilize.  Bamboo produces a natural fertilizer that has exactly the right nutrients.  The bamboo’s decayed leaves are used as fertilizer and create a recycling system that is chemical free.

8, Growing bamboo does not require a large amount of land. 

The surface area need for growing bamboo is small.  This means that the habitat destroyed due to growth and harvesting activities is reduced.  With the cost of land being so high, people who desire to grow bamboo will not have to be concerned about obtaining a large amount of land.  The financial investment is often an obstacle for many growers.  This fact alone is likely to lure more investors into growing, harvesting, and making products from bamboo. Consistent deforestation and habitat loss leads to other problems such as biodiversity loss, more greenhouse gases in the environment, and good soil reduction. By growing more bamboo instead of continuing to clear more land and trees, the environment can be impacted positively.

9, Clothing made from bamboo is inexpensive and comfortable.

Today’s clothing, often made from cheap, stiff, unappealing materials, is expensive to purchase.  Also, the cloth used to make the clothing is uncomfortable and unattractive.  Bamboo clothing is the answer to these problems.  Clothing made from bamboo is inexpensive, comfortable, as well as fashionable.  The purchase of bamboo clothing is an environmentally responsible and socially responsible decision. Clothes created from bamboo may benefit individuals with a wide range of health problems.

bamboo fiber

bamboo fiber

Clothing made from synthetic fibers is often the trigger for people’s allergies and bacterial infections.  Because bamboo is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, clothing made from its fibers is best. The cotton plant is heavily sprayed and treated with pesticides.  The resulting cotton used in clothing retains much of these chemicals and may contain a toxic residue.  Bamboo clothing benefits people in more than one way.  The clothing is chemical free and the growing and harvesting process is friendly to the environment.

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