How can Home Décor Affect your Mood

There is hardly a profession today that cannot be described as “stressful.” Spending 8 hours at work or more and then coming home to a messy apartment or a dirty house is not something to look for. Therefore, you should look to convert your home into an oasis of peace and tranquility.

The interior design should serve the purpose of reflecting that inner calmness you so desperately need after a stressful day at work. Don’t worry, these home improvements are as costly as might think at first. All you need to do is roll up your sleeves and introduce some feature like a fountain or better sound isolation.

One of the most important things to understand is that home décor can and will affect your mood. Let’s find out a little bit more about home décor and human psychology combo.

Combating clutter

First thing’s first, all clutter must go! Any home improvements are futile if you haven’t cleared the clutter first. This action is a token of your determination and dedication to changing the design of your home.

However, if you have ever tried to combat clutter before, you know that things won’t go smooth. Clutter has the nasty habit of returning day after day so in order to change the décor of your home, you’ll have to alter your habits. Determine a place inside the house for the items usually responsible for clutter, such as car keys, newspapers, the AC remote, earphones, change, etc.

Soft underneath

The feeling of coziness and fuzziness is usually associated with warm fabrics but apart from the blankets and cushions, the floor needs to feel soft when threaded upon. Parquet is a great solution and it’s much better than tiles as it is a better insulator, although the latter is ideal for bathroom and kitchen floors, respectively. The living room should be adorned with wool carpeting that will cover the pathways. The rest of the room can have a parquet.

Scenting nature

When we say that your home should have an air of calmness, we literally mean the word “air.” There is a myriad of smells in a typical house, not all of which are pleasant. You can counter this issue with a homemade linen spray, beeswax or soy candles.

Such scents and many more can be found at the local DIY center or the supermarket. In fact, the range of scented candles is so wide nowadays that you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect scent for in-house relaxation. You might like this improvement so much that you’ll end up buying a candle for the office as well.

Sound asleep

Another benefit of scented candles is the ability to go to sleep faster. Rest is important for inner peace and stamina so the bedroom has to be especially appeased, to use such terminology. Start with getting some blinds for the windows that ought to have several layers of glazing. Furthermore, installing triple glazed windows has an additional benefit of noise reduction. Once the bedroom is virtually soundproof and dark, you will be able to fall asleep quicker and wake up well-rested to face the challenges of a new workday.

Plant a life

You are probably aware that plants area nice addition to your household. However, they are not merely another amenity for a home décor aiming for peacefulness but rather a necessity. Apart from having your very own oxygen “generator,” you benefit from their scent and the color green. The latter has been scientifically proven as restful, associating us with the peace and quiet we encounter in nature. Pots can be scattered across the house, creating an indoor garden or can be clustered in one corner of the living room. As far as plant species are concerned, feel free to go with the most popular solution, like bonsai trees or fern.

Plenty of light

Just as we need fresh air to reach Zen calmness, we need natural light to get our thoughts together. Of course, the bedroom should be covered in darkness while you sleep but during daytime, the house should let it plenty of natural light.

Dimmed rooms are depressive, which is a feeling you want to avoid at all costs. Large window panes and skylights are ideal for resting after work and training yourself to think positive. Also, if you own a backyard, consider sprucing it up so you could use it more often to rest.

A green wall

We have already mentioned the beneficial effect of plant life and the importance of reducing noise. This is true for outdoors as well but there are no triple glazed windows to neutralize the sound of traffic. However, plants will once more prove useful, as you can erect a green barrier next to your fence. The hedge will muffle the street noise and the catch the fine dust particles that would otherwise end up in your garden.

The sound of running water

Speaking of noise, you can combat it by more soothing sounds. The gurgle of running water should be the ideal soundtrack of your afternoon nap. It will calm your nerves and put you in a state of torpidness, allowing the brain to rest after a long and stressful day. A simple water fountain running on electricity is the ideal addition to any room with a sofa.

The methods we have listed here should be enough to establish a haven of peace and calmness inside your home. The best thing about them is that they come cheap in comparison to the value of calmness they facilitate.

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