Voila Mattress Review – Hybrid Mattress in a Box

Voila Mattress is a perfect option for people seeking a hybrid mattress, or people preferring a smooth top that still offers little more spring & bounce support. It’s among the only brands that offer construction using top quality fabrics which assists in breathing, & latex that offers a bounce. In addition to that, Voila’s zone pocket coil technology adapts to pressure from your body, giving the spine a correct alignment. Its viscous layer also responds to body shapes giving a much needed good sleep.

Construction Layers.

The Voila mattresses comes with not 2 or 3, but 8 layers.

Cover. –Its cover is a polyester knit that is thin to assist with breathability in the mattress in addition to not interfering with the smooth feel of its foam layers below. On the side, the cover is constructed with a mesh to facilitate airflow into the inner mattress for better temperature regulation.

Top Layer –The layer is made with a gel memory foam, that is slow in responding to pressure & perfect for pressure relief. A gel memory -foam is good for providing a classic foam feel of staying cool, as most traditional memory foams used to retain excess heat.

Second Layer –This poly-foam edge will respond quickly to any pressure and offer to support the sleeper. Behind the edge, the player is the latex foam layer which is very springy & gives the Voila some bounce. The layer helps the person sleeping on it to move around & easily change positions while not feeling stuck on the mattress.

The Pocketed Coils – The pocketed coils are perfect for minimizing motion transfer. The coils are specially positioned to give extra support to the heavier parts of your body. The coils are also more durable than the foam mattresses. Edge-Support Outer Shell –All around the coils is the outer shell made of a dense poly-foam. This part is meant to support the sleeper, mostly near the mattress edge.

Exterior Cover –The outer cover is thin by design for an improved cooling and solid build quality. Latex Foam -The latex foam gives a level of bounce, response, and comfort, but it’s also placed here to transmit the bounce off the pocketed coils.

Edge Support Foam –On the interior part of the edge-support is the basic-support foam that gives great support on the edges.

Fibre Insulator Pad –The insulator allows airflow & protects against re-positioning of pocketed coils.

Support Base Foam –The standard high-density foam is designed to give a foundational base on Voila mattresses.


Persons with different body shapes and types will experience the firmness of the mattress differently.

On the back. On your back, the gel memory-foam fills in on the space beneath the lower back as you sink in, but the mattress’s latex layer below eliminates the feeling of being stuck.

On The Side. On the side, the memory-foam helps relieve pressure & you feel the support from its pocketed coils underneath. Generally, the Voila Mattress is perfect for people who sleep on their side.

On The Stomach. Most stomach sleepers often experience pressure on their backs when sleeping on an extra soft mattress. On the Voila Mattress, sleeping on your stomach feels supported.

Motion Transfer

When sharing a mattress with someone like your partner, you’ll want to know exactly what it may feel like when your partner gets into & out of the bed or turns around at night. As the Voila Mattress uses springy latex and coils, you would expect a high disturbance, but on the contrary, the memory-foam top layer does a great job of minimizing the disturbance applied on either side of the Voila mattress. The mattress does well compare to its peers.

Edge Support

When sharing a mattress one may need to use its entire surface area, hence the need to know about its edge support. Foam mattresses often tend to struggle in living up to a good edge support compared to the traditional inner-spring mattresses. Voila is made of two different edge-support layers to ensure that anyone will not feel like they are about fall out of the bed when on the side. The edge-support around its latex foam and on the pocketed coils does a great job of maintaining the shape of this mattress even when you hanging at the side of the bed. Its dense edge-support poly foam also does a nice job when you are in a sitting position with the legs on the side of your bed. Why Voila Is The Right Mattress For You.

After the review on Voila mattress, it is time to find out why it would be the perfect fit for anyone. It would be perfect for you if:

• If you are on a budget. Compared to some of its peers, the Voila mattresses are relatively cheap and you for not have to go way over budget to sleep on it.

• You are searching a mattress that has a little extra pressure relief. If you are a side sleeper or a bit heavier, the Voila mattress will be a perfect fit for you.

• If you are searching for a different firmness selection. The Voila mattresses come in three different firmness variations. If you fancy the mattress’s structure you can get a selection that suits you from the three different firmness variations.

• If you are searching for a memory -foam experience but still needs an extra support. Because of its pressure relief from the memory foam at the top & the support at the pocketed coils. The Voila hybrid mattress is a perfect fit for people who would want a mix of the two.

• If you are the kind of person that often sleeps all over the bed rolling over from one side to side or shares a bed with a partner. The Voila mattress offers the right amount of support on the edges making sure that you do not fall off the bed.


Voila produces hybrid mattresses using the pocketed coils and foam, which is a very different construction method from most bed-in-a-box companies. Apart from that, Voila mattresses target a wide range of people from stomach sleepers, side sleepers to back sleepers. You are sure to sleep pretty on this mattress.

8.5 Total Score
Top tier Hybrid Eco Friendly Mattress in a Box

Voila produces hybrid mattresses using the pocketed coils and foam, which is a very different construction method from most bed-in-a-box companies. Apart from that, Voila mattresses target a wide range of people from stomach sleepers, side sleepers to back sleepers. You are sure to sleep pretty on this mattress.

  • Good quality mattress for bad backs and pets!!!
  • Comes in 3 comfort levels of Plush,Medium and Firm
  • Temperature Control
  • Premium product so not everyone can afford
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