A Guide to Rustic Décor, A Brief Introduction to This Earthy Style

A guide to rustic décor

Rustic décor can fit into any home.  Whether you live in a natural rural setting or an urban environment, you can transform your space to accommodate a lifestyle more in tune with nature.  The rustic style blends various textures, materials, and items.  Decorating with this style is affordable for everyone.  All you must do to create a rustic space is familiarize yourself with popular rustic trends and themes then start decorating!

guide to rustic décor

Rustic wood chandelier

Rustic décor and country-style décor sometimes overlap.  Both styles have a basic, earthy appearance and include natural materials.  Rustic décor features more unfinished pieces that have a rougher look.  Decorations give the appearance of having come straight from nature with little or no alteration or finishing.  When you think of unfinished, simple, elemental, or natural, you are describing rustic décor.

Natural materials are used heavily in the production of rustic furniture.  Popular styles will have visible wood grain patterns, exposed bark, feathers, small branches, fur, horns, and stone.  The animal materials are sometimes replaced with items made from synthetics in modern rustic décor.  Additionally, cement or concrete substitute for the natural stone or rock.  Metal, wrought iron, or pressed tin may be incorporated into many rustic art pieces or furniture.  The metal’s finish is usually matte or brushed—it is almost never glossy. Weathered rustic wood chandeliers and the shabby chic look are very much in vogue at present.

guide to rustic decor

Rustic bedroom furniture

The look of unfinished lumber is simulated with wooden boards that have square edges.  One of the most popular examples of rustic furniture is the Adirondack chair made from wooden planks with a rough appearance.  Many people believe rustic bedroom furniture is dark and mannish; however, this is not true.  In fact, some rustic décor is very pale in color and makes good use of natural light.  Large windows, glass doors, and skylights are often focal points that merge the natural outside look with the rustic interior décor.  When artificial lighting is used in the rustic space, candles, soft lights, lanterns, or fireplaces often are used to provide a soft, warm look.  Nothing is better than the cozy feel created when the glow from a fireplace or lantern casts interesting shadows on the wall.

guide to rustic décor

Rustic décor living room

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