DIY Replacement Glass for Patio Table – A Step by Step Complete Guide

DIY Guide on How to Replace Glass for Patio Tables

Patio tables are prone to damage simply because they are placed out in the open. Therefore, protecting them is quite literally out of your hands. A variety of reasons or causes may end up cracking and perhaps even shattering your patio table glass. For instance, if you are situated in a windy locality, errant debris, pebbles, and small rocks may strike the surface of your table. If you live in suburban areas, stray cats or small rodents may also damage the glass on your patio table.


Additionally, unpredictable weather may also pose a threat to the sanctity of your glass table. Lastly, you may simply want to replace the glass because it has become worn and dull. However, when you do decide to go through with the replacement, you do not need to fret. Obtaining replacement glass for patio tables is not as arduous as it may seem.

Granted, you will need to keep a few important processes in mind. Regardless, with our help, you will be able to replace the glass of your patio table seamlessly.

replacement glass for Patio table


Before replacing the glass, you will quite obviously need to remove the damaged glass tabletop. You might find doing so rather precarious, especially if the glass is broken in multiple places. To keep the removal process safe and precise, you should have certain tools or items available to you. These objects will expedite the process and will also serve to protect you from any injuries. We recommend that you obtain the following items before initiating the removal of the glass.


1- Functional saw protection gloves
2- Measuring tape
3- WD 40 Spray
4- Normal/Smart Plastic Straw
5- An Olfa Knife
6- Glass Glue
7- Protective Glasses (optional)

Removal of Broken Glass

The removal process of the broken glass depends on how it is attached to the table. Rudimentary patio tables often have glass attached to it via glue. If that is the case, you will require the WD 40 spray mentioned above.  Thereafter, you will have to insert the plastic straw into the can opening. Afterward, carefully spray the WD 40 into the tiny space between the table frame the glass. You should repeat this along the edge of the table, wherever the glass touches the table frame. After this, you should wait for at least half an hour for the spray to take effect. Ideally, the glue should have been dissolved by the spray.

replacement glass for patio table

If the glass is attached via a silicone encasing, you will also need to use the Olfa knife. You will have to use it all along the edge to separate the silicone attachment encasing from the glass.

The next step is to put on the functional protection gloves. This is to avoid any ragged glass from piercing your skin. Once you have put the gloves on, carefully remove the glass bit by bit by pushing gently from underneath. DO NOT use the circular gap in between to remove the glass as it can cause additional cracks to occur.  It is also advisable to have protective glasses. This is because the force exerted by your hand can splinter the glass and shards can sprout up towards your face or eyes.

Once you have picked away the glass bit by bit, set the glass to one side. Please remember to not throw away the broken glass. This is down to two reasons. Firstly, broken glass poses a hazard and should be recycled instead of being thrown away in a common garbage can.

Cleaning the Table

Once you have removed the glass, you may want to use the remnant WD 40 to clean your table frame. WD 40 is an effective cleanser for metallic surfaces. However, do not use it on wooden frames as it is likely to leave unruly spots.

Choosing the replacement glass for patio table

Glass Type 

replacement glass for patio table

The shape of the glass will be determined by the frame of the patio table. Regardless, when you are replacing the glass tabletop, be sure to go for a tempered glass structure. This is due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, a tempered glass top is far stronger and sturdier than normal glass tops. This is turn will decrease the chances of the glass cracking and will save money in the long run. It is also resistant to higher temperatures and weather-related damage. Lastly, if it does break, it will shatter into smaller round pieces as opposed to sharp, hazardous shards of glass.

Glass Thickness 

patio table glass thickness

When choosing the thickness of the replacement glass for patio table, keep the purpose of the table in mind. Firstly, the glass itself should ideally be thick as it is going to be used as a tabletop. Secondly, if you foresee placing heavy objects on the table, the glass should be thicker than 0.25 inches. However, the most common thickness size is 0.25 inches, especially for patio tables.

Glass Edge Profiles

patio table glass edges

There are many types of glass edge profiles, each offering different styles and finishes. You may choose the beveled finish in which a defined angle is engraved into the glass edge. Alternatively, you may prefer an Ogee edge which a polished finish that incorporates a smooth curved tip. Additionally, you can opt for the dual bevel which is the act of incorporating more than one level on the edge.

A simple yet elegant option is the flat polished finish which involves brightly polishing the edge of the glass. The miter edge is a combination of two pieces that form an angled finish. Perhaps a pencil polished edge may be more to your liking. This involves polishing a minuscule radius along the edge of the glass to prevent it from breaking off.

The numerous options of edge profiles for replacement glass for the patio table may be somewhat confusing to a layman. Therefore, the edge we recommend is the flat polished finish which due to its beautiful simplicity and low cost

Measuring Dimensions

Patio glass table top Dimensions

Once you have decided on your glass type and edge profile, you can move on to the measurement of the glass itself. This is where the measuring tape, mentioned above, will come in handy. Simply measure the length and breadth of the glass. If it is a circular glass, you can simply measure the radius of the glass which will give you an accurate diameter.

You might find measuring irregular shapes slightly problematic but you can still do so. Simply divide the area of the irregular shape into familiar shapes. For example, a race track oval can easily be divided into two semi-circles and one rectangle.

If you do not want customized thickness, then measure the thickness of the broken glass we have saved from earlier. If you prefer customized thickness, then make sure to measure the edges of the frame. After all, we do not want the glass width to supersede the edges of the frame and protrude beyond it.

Ordering Online

Once you have noted down the measurements, you are one step away from obtaining your custom glass. Simply power up your computer or mobile device, visit our website and click on the custom glass & mirror section. Alternatively, you can click here and jump straight to our custom patio glass table top ordering section.

After this, ordering your replacement glass for patio table will be a simple 5 step process. Simply select your shape and type in your dimensions. Then select your glass type, thickness hole and strength, edge profile/finishing and you are done! Now all you have to do is relax and let us create your customized replacement glass for patio table.


Once our free nationwide shipping delivers your customized replacement glass for patio table, you can undertake a simple installation process. Depending on your table’s frame, you can either install rim clips or glue the glass back into place. If you do decide to glue the glass in place, be sure to wear gloves. Preventing the glue from latching on to your skin is of utmost importance. Simply line the glue along the edge and set the glass in its intended place. Allow the glue to dry and voila! You have successfully replaced your patio table glass!

replacement glass for patio table


The thought of installing replacement glass for patio table can seem daunting at first. After all, handiwork is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, when you get into it, it is quite straightforward. Simply remove the broken glass, order a customized replacement glass top and install it yourself. You do not need a third party to charge you exorbitantly for a task as simple as this.

It could prove to be a blessing in disguise if your previous glass top was not tempered. After installing your replacement glass for the patio table, your table will be sturdier than ever and almost as good as new!

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