Cleaning and Care of Bamboo Furniture: Maintenance Tips

Bamboo furniture is amazing in any home setup because of its intricate designs and sturdy build. Even though we know bamboo as a very stylish piece, it is not actually a type of wood but it is, in fact, a type of grass. That is why you usually find bamboo to be more flexible than other furniture material.

Bamboo furniture is expensive, but the good thing is that it doesn’t require too much maintenance. However, you still need to care for it from time to time.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to effectively take care of your bamboo furniture, then read on. I will provide you with some cleaning tips to ensure that your furniture will look clean and pristine for a very long time. I would also like to recommend this product to clean and maintain your bamboo furniture in pristine condition.

Positioning is Key

Bamboo requires some specific measures in order for you to ensure its longevity. This type of material does not like too much water or moisture and it also doesn’t like too much dry air.

So, given those facts, where you put your furniture is key when it comes to its maintenance. If you want to put your bamboo furniture outside, make sure that it doesn’t come into direct contact with the sun to prevent it from drying out.

Conversely, it has to be sheltered so that it doesn’t get wet when the rain is pouring. So to recap, just make sure that it doesn’t get too much moisture and it is not exposed to heat or dry air.

Brush it First

All of your things will accumulate dust from time to time and this also includes your furniture. Before doing any other cleaning method, it is important that you dust it off first with this brush.

Like I’ve said above, Bamboo furniture doesn’t really require tedious work and maintenance in order to keep it clean.

Use a feather duster or a soft brush to sweep the dust off of your bamboo furniture. You can also opt for a vacuum cleaner as well; just make sure to keep it under its lowest setting to avoid any damage.

Soap it Up

Now, if you’ve used the above cleaning method and you still see persistent dirt that’s stuck on your stuff, then you can proceed to use some soap.

But, you have to use only mild soap because strong ones tend to affect the sheen of the bamboo. Also, do not use those industry-grade cleaning solutions as it can definitely have a negative effect on the appearance of your bamboo products.

So, to make a soapy solution that is okay to use on your bamboo furniture, all you have to do is mix one part of mild soap to two parts of water. Put it into a spray bottle and mix it well before spraying it on the furniture.

For those of you who might be wondering what constitutes a “mild” soap. Anything that doesn’t have strong cleansers like the ones found in most aftermarket cleaners should work fine.

Most people use hand soaps because it is definitely mild and it can also care for your bamboo stuff as well.

Use a smooth soft cloth or a sponge to clean your bamboo furniture. Apply a bit of force when you’re dealing with hard to remove molds or stains. Otherwise, use care and caution when cleaning.

Always Let It Dry

After you’ve cleaned all of your bamboo furniture using a mild soapy solution, it is, and I cannot stress this enough, so important that you let it dry first.

You see, Bamboo is a pliable material which means that when it gets wet, it tends to be more flexible. Remember that this type of material is not a type of wood, but it is a form of grass. So please bear that in mind.

When is it okay to use? It is okay to use when you see that the equipment is dry enough. Depending on your current climate, the furniture could dry up 1-3 hours after cleaning it with a liquid solution.

Using hot air dryers to “dry it up faster” is a big no-no when it comes to the care and maintenance of the bamboo. Again, too much dry air can affect the durability of the said material, so just let it dry naturally.

Cover it Up

If you’re going to be out of town, for example, for a prolonged period of time, it is best that you cover up your bamboo furniture. Some people usually use a bed sheet or something that big

Waterproof tarps are best when covering your bamboo furniture mainly because it protects it from water and hot air effectively. So, if you’re going to leave home for quite some time, be sure to cover it up.

Clean Stains Immediately

Now, there are times where you spill something on your furniture. If you have one that is made of bamboo, make sure to clean it up immediately.

This is because the material can absorb it at a much quicker pace and once all of the liquid is absorbed, it can cause not only a stain, but it can also damage the material as well.

If you or one of your guests happen to spill something on your equipment, just clean it up immediately.

Get Rid of Molds

Due to the nature of the material, bamboo furniture can get molds. If you see mold build up, make sure to get rid of them immediately.mold on bamboo

Use mold and stain remover

Most molds can be dealt with and cleaned using a mild soapy solution (refer above on how to create one). Use a sponge to remove the mold while making sure that you’re scrubbing it with a little bit more force than usual.

If it is a bit harder to get, you can use a brush or the rough part of the sponge to remove it. After cleaning and getting rid of the pesky mold, be sure to dry the furniture afterward.

Conclusion & Recommendation

Bamboo furniture requires only little maintenance, but you still have to care for it from time to time to ensure its longevity.

If your furniture’s outside it needs extra care so make sure to position it where it is not in direct contact with the sunlight and also where it will not get wet from the rain.

Clean it up with a soapy solution and always make it a point to dry it up first before using the furniture again.

Cleaning and caring for your bamboo furniture will make it last a very long time.

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