Best Heated Seat Covers & Cushion for Ultimate Driving Comfort -2020 Buying Guide

Technology is a wonderful thing and we live in an age where affordable yet life-changing contraptions exist at the click of a mere button, and heated seat covers are one such device. Innovative, but such a simple concept, the purpose of these are to provide a rapid warmth that spreads throughout the entire surface area of the material, unleashing a comfortable temperature.

The designs are kept simple and effective, mostly using the cigarette lighter as a power source, so installation is a hassle-free process. As you would expect, there are several heated seat cushions available in the market, so it becomes difficult when narrowing down the best items to procure.

Today, however, we have aligned the top cushions and seat covers that are available, so you can make an informed choice. All of the products can be purchased via and prices are true as of the time of writing.

So let’s begin with the best-heated car seat cushions and covers.

Heated Car-Seat Cushion by Sojoy

There’s a lot of great aspects to this heated seat cushion by Sojoy, but one of the standout features is that it not only provides the necessary heat but also provides additional support for your spine, which is often overlooked by many.

Apart from this, the Sojoy heated car seat cushion provides rapid heat distribution, 3 levels of heat setting and a timer with a 45-minute interval.


  • Size: 18.5 x 16.2 x 3.1
  • Timer: 45-minute interval
  • 50℃ Surface Temperature
  • Heat Level: High/Middle/Low
  • Universal Fit for DC 12V Vehicles


  • Heating: This car-seat cushion heats up to a 50℃ surface temperature that helps in quick warm up and rapid heat distribution. It also comes with low, middle and high heat settings for convenience.
  • Reduces Back Pain: It comes with a removable wedge that moves the pelvis to improve sitting position and relieve pressure on lower back. This helps to reduce back pain and spine and is helpful during long drives.
  • Contemporary Design: The fabric of this heated cushion is a combination of soft comfortable and breathable polyester which helps the cushion design to stay non-flattened which in turn gives memory foam-like comfort.
  • Stays Put: The car-seat cushion comes with an adjustable and non-slip strap to keep it in place. The elasticated belts and the hook & loop buckle fastener works like a seat belt that goes around back of the car to keep the cushion secure. You don’t need to adjust the cushion constantly like other regular heated car-seat cushions.

A quick glance at the customer reviews on Amazon reveals a positive story; the item has a 5-star rating based off of 11 reviews, which is a very good sign. A great example of what a heated seat cover should be, there’s nothing to find fault here so let’s move on to the next offering.

Heated Car-Seat Cushion by Zone Tech

The next on our list is the Heated Car-seat Cushion by Zone Tech which is economical on the pocket and comes in a pack of 2. This product is perfect for those people who are restricted to budget but need comfort and warmth in cold weather.

The heated cushion by Zone Tech provides cushion comfort for 2 passengers, helps in blood circulation, and comes with an elastic strap to secure the cushion in place. Let’s see the features and characteristics of this product.

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  • Size: 17 x 15.5 x 0.5
  • Heat Level: Low/High
  • Plug-in: Connects to the cars 12V DC outlet


Heating: This heated car-seat cushion is specially designed to provide warmth and comfort in cold weather. The heated seat also helps maintain the blood circulation and metabolism. It also aids in relaxing tired and sore muscles.

Plug-in: The heated cushion comes with a plug-in that connects to the 12V DC outlet. Once you plug that into the outlet, the heat will turn on too. You can adjust the heat setting by using the low and high levels of the heat switch.

Secured Straps: The heated pad is equipped with warmer straps to hold the cushion in place. This heated seat cover has black elastic straps that can slide over any seat and will secure the cushion to stay still. The pad is also equipped with additional straps at the bottom and hooks so that you can secure the cushion from under the seat.

Fabric: The Zone Tech cushion warmer uses a hi-tech heating fabric with far-infrared. It comes built-in into the fabric and no lumpy wires can be felt while being seated.

The average rating of this product is 4.5 of 5 and is considered to be good quality. The only con of this product is that the raised bubbles are not very comfortable for long journeys. However, it gives good heating and comes in a pair. Priced at $24.99, it is not at all bad to buy 2 heated car pads for the price of 1.

Vibrating Car-Seat Chair Pad by Relief Expert

Next comes the 10-Motor Vibrating Car Seat Back Massager by Relief Expert. This is not only a heating car-seat chair but also a back massager. This comes with a 10 motor vibrator and 5 massage modes. Controlled by remote, this heating chair pad is a portable product and can be used anywhere. It is designed in a way that it can be folded and transported easily.

Let’s get into details about the features and specifications of this heating chair pad by Relief Expert.

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      • Size: 47.2 x 1.2 x 19.7
      • Weight: 3.15 Lbs
      • Massager: 10 Motor Vibrator
      • Massage Level: 3 Speed / 5 Program Modes
      • Remote Control with Multi-Function Modes


      • Heating and Massage: The Relief Expert car seat is operated with a 10 motor vibrator that comes with 5 zones. Each zone is programmed to work on separate areas to relieve pain in your body and soothe muscles.
      • Easy Controls: The whole product can be run by a remote control. It comes with 3-speed levels. The heat function is a separate button and you can use the same functions to access heat.
      • Portability: This car seat can be easily carried to use in your home, office as well as your car. It can be folded pretty thin for effortless transport. The seat also comes with a small pocket on the right to hold the remote.
      • Adapter and Material: The Relief Expert heated car seat has an AC adapter for home and office and DC adapter for the car. The seat is a 100% polyester. This product comes with 1-year warranty.

Shifting focus from the classic heated car seat to an atypical car seat with heat and massage together is exceptionally new dynamic to car seats. Relief Expert has done full justice to bring such innovative car seats to market. They come with 100% Customer Satisfaction. And the Amazon rating for them scores a whopping 4.2/5 stars.

Heated Seat Cushion by Kingleting

The next product on our list is a 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Intelligent Temperature Controller. One more regular heated car seat cushion that provides the basic necessity of warming. This cushion comes with an intelligent control that will allow you to choose heat level as soon as you jump in the car.

The main feature of this cushion is to bring in warmth and that is what it does. So let’s quickly take a look at what additional features this product carries.

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      • Size: 14.2 x 10.2 x 2.2
      • Weight: 1.19 Lbs
      • Heat Level: 30℃ to 60℃, every 3℃
      • Auto Power Off Timer


      • Temperature Control: This heated cushion comes with intelligent temperature control which means it voluntarily chooses temperature from 30℃ to 60 ℃, every 3℃. It is capable of increasing the temperature rapidly for quick warming.
      • Power-off Timer: Another amazing feature on this heated cushion is that it comes with a power-off timer to avoid the battery to run off. If you are someone who forgets to turn the power off, the timing power-off protection is a good option for you. This allows you to choose a 30, 60 or 90 minutes timer.
      • Electric Protection Device: This means when you choose your preferred temperature and you reach that temperature, the device will automatically turn off. Similarly, when the temperature lowers than your preferred temperature, the device will automatically turn on.
      • Design: The Kingleting heated seat cushion is made of faux leather. The underside of the seat is rubber made which lets it stick to the seat and allowing the cushion to stay put. The wire comes from the middle of the cushion so that it can be used on either side of the seat.
      • Cigarette Lighter: To switch the heat on, this cushion comes with a cigarette lighter interface. There are two interfaces to this lighter so that two cushions can be used at the same time.

Much of the appeal of this product centers around the aforementioned temperature control, but not to be overlooked is how well this cover contours around your car seat. Meaning there is minimal chance of disruption or it sliding around. One downside, however, is that it feels like leather, so in the colder months it will be very cold until it heats up, so be prepared for a small wait and also you have to turn it on after the car has been started up, it won’t automatically come alive once your engine does.

Ultra Plush Heated Seat Cushion by Wagan

This is yet another product that serves the purpose of keeping you warm and comfortable when and where you need the most. The ultra plush heated cushion by Wagan is popular for its affordability and reviews. It comes with temperature control, 12V DC outlet and standard fit.

For those looking to buy a simple and reliable heated cushion, this soft velour seat is best to give you a toasty welcome. Let’s move ahead and see the features and specifications of this product and whether or not this should make it to our list.

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      • Size: 1.5 x 18 x 21
      • Weight: 1.5 Lbs
      • Max Heat Temp: 114℉
      • 12V DC Outlet
      • Material: Foam – Polyurethane


      • Temperature: This soft velour car seat is designed to warm up quickly and has the capacity to heat up to 114℉. Apart from this, it also helps you keep your sore muscles loose; especially in the chilly mornings when you walk-in all stiff with cold.
      • Strapping: The heated seat cushion comes with 2 elastic straps on the rear and 4 elastic cinch loop along the bottom. Sliding the 2 rear straps over the chair and securing the 4 cinch loops to the bottom of the chair will secure the cushion and keep away from moving.
      • User-friendly controls: The heated seat cushion comes with an in-line controller switch that goes directly into the DC outlet of your car. This 3 position switch has controls like High – Off – Low and you can easily control the heat with this switch in your hands.
      • Compact: This car seat cushion by Wagan is a standard fit and can be used in most cars, trucks, RVs, and boats. Apart from this, you can also use it in homes and offices. It comes with an AC outlet which is sold separately and can be easily switched from DC to Ac anytime.

This is a popular item on Amazon, with numerous purchases and therefore, a plethora of reviews, which give a median score of 3.7 stars out of 5. The common conception is that you essentially get what you pay for; an average product that can do the job, but is prone to faults and may leave you out of pocket as you pay for a replacement. It may, therefore, be more prudent to stump up additional funds and purchase something of a higher quality.

Heated Car-Seat Cushion by Zento Deals

Yet another favorite in the market is the 2pc heated car seat cushion that is not only stylish but also comfortable with premium features. This heated cushion by Zento Deals does not put a hole in your pocket.

With features like temperature control, comfortable material, universal fit and easy-to-use technology, these cushions are rated 4/5 on Amazon. The detailed features and characteristics are as below:

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      • Size: 20 x 19 x 2.3
      • Weight: 1.5 Lbs
      • Temperature: High / Low
      • 12V DC Outlet
      • Universal Fit


      • Comfort: This pair of heated cushions is very comfortable and features a layer of thick foam padding wrapped in super soft satin. Made from high-quality polyester for long-lasting usage, this cushion set is very easy to clean and wipe.
      • Heat Control: The Zento Deals manufactured heated car seat cushions come with user-friendly controls. They are equipped with temperature control on the switch itself that allows you to choose your preferred heat level; low or high.
      • Strapping: Both seats come with elastic strapping on the rear and bottom so that it can easily fit your car seat. The installation is pretty easy and safe. It comes with a 12V DC outlet and 1 integrated plug.
      • Quick Warming: It provides you with the last but not the least feature and that is quick warming. Once you plug in the 12V power outlet to the switch, you will be welcomed to a toasty seat in minutes.
      • Universal Fit: The fit is standard and it usually goes along well with all cars, trucks, RVs and SUVs.

A slight improvement on the previous entry, the 3.9 stars highlight that again, the consensus is generally positive however there are issues surrounding the product, which specifically center around the switch being loose and not staying on. Praise is given to the heat distribution and the speed at which it heats up, so the factors are there to consider this a worthwhile product.

Cool and Hot Seat Cushion by Snailax

Snailax comes in with a unique offer of not only a heated car cushion, but also the one that can cool; giving the added benefit of year-round usage. This cool hot seat cushion comes a 3 level cooling and 2 level heating for your car as well as home.

This awesome concept of having a seat cushion that can warm up in winter and cool off in summers is a unique way of saying we care. The 2 in 1 car seat cushion looks stylish and is comfortable. Let us see in detail.

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      • Size: 43.8 x 19 x 1.8
      • Weight: 3.96 Lbs
      • Heating: Low/High
      • Cooling: Low/Medium/High
      • Textured Exterior
      • DC Outlet for 12V and 24V
      • Universal Fit


      • 2 Layered Concept Cushion: Snailax introduces a unique 2 layered concept cushion: ventilation layer and cooling layer. The ventilation layer is for better cooling and comes with fix-point vents to provide concentrated and strong wind stream. The Cooling layer comes with a 3d mesh that is added between the human body and the vents with a middle hollow structure. This lets the cushion ventilate on 6 sides without blocking any air and hence allows rapid cooling.
      • 2 Zone Rapid Heating: Another great characteristic of this cushion is the rapid heating element. The 2 zone temperature control quickly warms up your seat in chilly weather and you no more need to wait for the car to heat up. Just press high/low option on the remote control and the temperature controlled heating elements will give you a toasty welcome.
      •  Strapping & Material: The dual temperature cushion comes with elastic strapping for comfortable and secure positioning. The material used in the upper and lower sides is are meshes and the middle structure is made of polyester; together known as 3D spacer fabric. The cushion is operated by a remote control.
      • Portable: The seat is designed to be used in car, trucks, SUVs, and RVs. You can also use this cushion for your home and office use. It comes with a DC outlet for 12V & 24V vehicles with standard size. And for home-office use, it comes with UL approved 12V DC wall adapter.
      • Auto 30-min Timer: The device automatically turns off after 30 minutes for safe and precautionary use.

Again, the reviews are positive (4.2 out of 5 stars) but the big question is does it work as a cooling and heating cushion? Thankfully, it does fulfill this criterion as many users have attested to. This product, therefore, can be a great addition for year-round heating and cooling, something that so far has been eluding from the other lists.

Heated Car Seat Cushion by Audew

Among other sellers offering a heated car-seat cushion is Audew who have come up with affordable yet reliable heating solutions. They give you temperature control levels for even heating that can loosen your sore muscles and relieve pain, secure straps and hooks, and power cable with cigarette lighter socket.

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Let’s get into the details.


      • Size: 20.5 x 19 x 1.7
      • Weight: 0.16 Lbs
      • Material: Polyester
      • Heating Level: High/Low
      • Cigarette Lighter Socket Adapter


      • Heating: This heated cushion by Audew comes with temperature control; which means you can simply turn the switch to high, low or off according to your needs. The maximum temperature is 60℃ to prevent overheating.
      • Strapping: The cushion comes with straps on the top, back and bottom for secure positioning. The hooks allow the cushion to stay in place and helps prevent moving.
      • Adapter: The power cable on this heated car-seat cushion by Audew is a simple cigarette lighter socket that can be plugged into your vehicles 12V DC outlet.
      • Material: The cushion is made of polyester with no lumps. It also comes with carbon fiber wiring for fast, even and consistent heating.
      • Pain Relief: An ideal item for cold mornings and long drives; this heated cushion will aid in the relief of any sore muscles, back pain or sore joints.

In the main, Audew has come up with a reliable and worthwhile product that ticks all the necessary boxes. It’s comfortable, heats well and doesn’t slide around on the seat. Users rate it well, with the average score of 4 stars attesting to that. One big positive that reviewers have mentioned is how warm the cover gets which is obviously a massive plus in those cold winter months.

Heated Car Seat Cushion by Hot Headz

The most economical on our list is the heated car-seat cushion by Hot Headz who gives you a good deal for a meager price. With regular features, this heated cushion gives you all the luxuries of any other heated car seat.

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As you would expect, the specifications list isn’t too extensive, but nonetheless here is what’s on offer.


      • Size: 18.9 x 18.5 x 21.3
      • Weight: 1 Lbs
      • 12V Lighter Socket


      • Automatic temperature control; drive in luxurious warmth the second you get in your car
      • Powered by your car’s 12v lighter socket
      • Use on cloth or leather seats
      • High 45 Watts, Low 35 Watts at 3.5 Amps

Conspicuous by their absence is the fact there’s no straps or anything to secure the heated cushion to your car seat, which therefore means you’ll need to adjust and re-position the cover, which will get frustrating. Praise from Amazon buyers is plentiful, however, with simplicity and the fact that it works as stated being chief amongst the plaudits. Overall it falls into the category of you get what you expect when purchasing; not perfection, but something that will absolutely do the job.

With our list concluded, there’s plenty to take in and digest. As you have seen, there is a range of quality that seems to increase with price, but sometimes it’s worth remembering that going slightly cheaper will be more beneficial, as you get the same rewards in most cases.

However, go too cheap and you might be disappointed. To that end, The Zone Tech heated cushion provides true middle ground, with an affordable cost that doesn’t skimp on the quality. Yet, if you have the money to spend, the Sojoy is really the top choice, offering the cream of the crop in terms of quality and design. Either way, the heated seat cushions on this list will all serve their purpose and you can happily endure the winter months with the heated companion you purchase.

Plus you can be assured that whatever you decide to pick, it will be a straightforward installation process that will be compatible for your vehicle. It’s hassle free and will take no time at all, check out this video to see how it’s done;

How To Install Heated Seat Cushion

Best Deals on Heated Seat Cushion

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