Creating a Perfect Pond in Your Backyard

Water is often associated with serenity and it is no wonder why many people enjoy having a relaxing time near a fountain, koi pond or water garden. Since they find it calming as well as visually appealing, some people take a step further and create their own perfect pond. Interestingly, one does not need a lot of money to make this project come to life. If you dig and install the pond yourself, you could spend about $500 in total. This price is a bargain considering that you’ll have your own little oasis.

Here is how to make your perfect pond:

Pond position

When looking for the perfect spot to install your water feature, make sure it is close to your residence. Choose a spot where you can easily see it. If you place the pond near trees, there is a risk of trees polluting the pond with its leaves, twigs, and debris. So, further from the trees the better. A pond should have minimum 4 hours of sunlight. Only ponds with fish should be in a shade. A pump purifies the water for the fish, as well as, for the aquatic plants. However, a water pump is not indispensable for ponds without fish.

How to start

After finding the perfect spot, dig the pond. The easiest way to do this is to take a rope and form the shape of the pond on the ground. The optimal depth is 24 inches, but if you live in colder climate, then 3 feet should be enough to prevent the water feature from freezing. Dig a ditch for the plumbing system that connects the waterfall tank with filters. If using skimmers, bury the pond skimmers to the proper level. In addition, dig a ditch leading to the external pond pump, and another one leading from this pump to the external pond filter.

Pond installation

Once the digging is done, it’s time to cover the site with pond underlayment. Cut it with scissors and make sure to attach small parts together to prevent them from moving once the pond liner is installed. The pond liner should have as few folds as possible. When the water is poured into the pond, all the folds will level out. Now, you can connect the pond liner with the skimmer. When streams and waterfalls are dug, place stones to secure the liner by adding a bit of expandable foam. Finally, the pond can be filled with water.

Water agitators

Here are some elements that you can add to your water feature. For example, install a waterfall to enjoy its calming sounds. Build a tiny hill with stones and add a pump that will transfer the water to the waterfall’s top. Another element that will set a serene ambiance is a fountain. Not only does it appeal visually to one’s eyes, but also to one’s ears. There is a wide range of fountain models to choose from, so opt for the one to your liking. Moreover, an air pump, such as the bubbler, is also a good option.


One thing you can do to make the pond seem more natural is to add a Japanese sluice. This sluice is a great solution since you’ll be using durable bamboo. All you need are a jigsaw, a hacksaw, and a maul. Cover the spout with bamboo and assemble its sluices to enable the water to run freely.  Make the whole ambiance come together with a bamboo bench or a storage box made of bamboo, where you can conveniently put away your garden tools or a hose cart. Create lovely paths surrounding the pond in the Japanese garden style.

Decorations and more

Now that you got your pond it would be awesome to make a sitting space from which you can drink your tea and enjoy the view.

Building a small bamboo pergola is a perfect quick solution. Bamboo the plant that is known for its strength and durability is a choice for many homeowners today.

Bamboo is a good building material if you know how to use its natural advantages. No material is perfect so you must be aware of its disadvantages also. If not treated properly it will last for about two years. This is because it’s full of starches and natural sugars your pergola might become a nice lunch for insects.

If you do the job correctly you’ll have a unique backyard and jealous neighbors.

Pond Plants

Add a final touch to your personal oasis by introducing some aquatic plants. Without plants, the pond cannot be complete, since they play an important role for fiches and purify the water. The plants that we often see in ponds are cattails, perfect for shallow water. With this plant, fish can get enough oxygen in the pond. Another well-known plant is a lotus. This stunning plant is a great ornament as well as a shelter for your koi fish. The good news is the lotus in not on koi fish’s menu. Duckweed is also a nice touch.

 Your own Oasis

Whichever you wish to enjoy, a koi pond, a water garden or a fountain, you will find that all your efforts were worth the time and money. Not only are you getting a pond, but a personal oasis, the perfect place to unwind from the urban commotion and reminisce about the future. Therefore, find a convenient spot, start digging and follow these guidelines to correctly set it up and tastefully decorate it.


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