Rustic Couch & Rustic Sofas, the Best Leather Living Room love Seats of 2018!

Imagine coming home after a long day at work, or after several hours of school and game practice, or even if you come back after hours of shopping. The first thing you will try to find is a comfortable couch or sofa so that you can rest for a while, watch TV or read a book, or just sit calmly. To be honest, a comfortable sofa or couch equals some really good relaxed time.

Not only are the couches and sofas for resting but they also increase the beauty of one’s living room and ultimately their whole house. This is the room where you usually welcome your guests and cater to their needs. You even enjoy the family time in this room. In short, it is one of the most important rooms in any house.

For all the reasons described above, we are pleased to share with you the best rustic sofas and a rustic couch that are leather-made and on trend. So, grab a seat, sit tight, and look at the love seat ideas for your living room when you decide to renovate it. Here are six best rustic couches and sofas, the best leather living room love seats of 2017.

American Furniture Classics Sierra Lodge Love Seat

In order to bring warmth and glow in your cabin, we would suggest the Sierra Lodge Love Seat that is going to bring solace in your home. The Sierra Lodge Love Seat has been made with a quality build. It means it has a sturdy wood casing and frame, and the wooden legs are also strongly built. This sturdy build guarantees years of pleasure and enjoyment.

The sofa is a blend of tapestry and artwork, and has printed embroidery and strong microfiber. When these things are combined, they make an incredible nail head accent that would appeal to you in a rustic way.

The cushions of the rustic sofa are filled with thick foam and have a fiber wrap layer. These are designed in a way to provide not only comfort and support, but also beauty to the couch. All in all, the love seat is a perfect piece of furniture for your living room.


  • Strong colored microfibers and tapestry fabric, and made of leather
  • Frame so strong that it would surely last for years
  • Back cushions and foam seats, designed to provide comfort, are wrapped with fiber.
  • Accented nail heads used to bring rustic feel to the sofa.
  • Strong wooden legs
  • Weight of the sofa is around 130 pounds.
  • Dimension of the love seat when assembled: 67 inches x 37 inches x 36 inches
  • Color available: brown

Signature Design by Ashley Larkinhurst Sofa

Without spending too much you can decorate your living room with Signature Design by Ashley Larkinhurst Sofa that has a perfect weatherworn leather look. It would make anyone swoon over the cool and perfect piece of furniture.

While the rustic-style upholstery has a cool, present day attitude, the flared profile of couch, arms that are rolled, and feet that are turned are also integrating tradition at its finest. This design has been made keeping in mind that your comfort and solace are the most important thing for you and that is what you try to find in a rustic couch.


  • Even though the leather of the stylish sofa looks weatherworn, the sofa has been designed in such a way with polyester and polyurethane that you can take full advantage of the warmth and comfort it provides.
  • The couch does not need a lot of maintenance and care.
  • Within budget you get to enjoy the broken-in looking leather rustic sofa that has a perfect and cool
  • To provide extreme comfort and support, the installed cushions are pocketed
  • Nail head accent
  • You would find faux wood finish on the exposed parts of the wooden legs.
  • Loose and back seat cushions are attached.
  • The frame of the rustic couch is corner-blocked.
  • Dimension of the rustic sofa: 92 inches x 42 inches x 41 inches
  • The love seat is 148 pounds.
  • A delicate pair of plume-filled cushions enclosed in polyester and polyurethane

American Furniture Classics 4-Piece Deer Valley Sleeper Sofa

If you are trying to find a sofa set that has a classic yet modern look and that would give your living room a lodge type effect, then you need not have to look any further because American Furniture Classics 4-Piece Deer Valley Sleeper Sofa is what you desire.

Incredible woven artwork combined with microfiber fabric with a leather look represents the colors of nature. To give a rustic look to the whole sofa, the manufacturers have installed strong legs and accented it with a nail head.

The manufacturers have insured that the classic furniture remains in your living room. For this, they have taken special care of the frame so that you have a durable and sturdy wooden frame that is sure to last many happy years.

Delicate yet strong cushions are loaded with thick foam and a layer of fiber wrap. The sleeper couch incorporates an internal spring, knitted queen bedding, and a Leggett & Platt system.


  • The rustic sofa has a solid leather look with colored microfiber.
  • The tapestry fabric gives it a lodge-like look.
  • Durable wooden frame to last many years in your living room
  • Back cushion and foam seats are wrapped in fiber to provide comfort while you are sitting.
  • Rustic look has been given by nail head accent.
  • Wooden legs are sturdy.
  • Dimensions of the rustic couch: 88 inches x 37 inches x 36 inches
  • The weight is 493 pounds.
  • The rustic sofa is of deer valley tapestry color.

American Furniture Classics Deer Valley Love Seat

Excellently embroidered artwork combined with leather look microfiber texture makes this love seat glow with the shades of nature. The fabric has the tapestry design and is made of cotton.

The sturdy wooden frame makes the sofa so strong and durable that it will be in sharp and mint condition for a considerably long time. Moreover, strong wooden legs and nail head accent convey a classic and rustic look to this love seat.

These strong cushions are loaded with thick foam and a layer of fiber wrap. The foam-filled cushions are provided to you so that you can have utmost comfort after a long day of work. This is an ideal love seat for your home or lounge room.


  • Strong color microfiber that gives a leather look
  • The tapestry fabric made of cotton gives a lodge-like look.
  • The durable wooden frame is going to last many years.
  • Nail head accents have been used to bring the rustic look.
  • The legs of the rustic couch are wooden and strong.
  • The sofa does not take up much space. Its dimensions are 67 x 37 x 36 inches.
  • The weight of the rustic sofa, when shipped to your doorstep, is 130 pounds.

TOV Furniture The Durango Collection

Rustic Style Living Room Parlor Den Bonded Leather Upholstered Button Tufted Sofa

The rustic couches are made keeping the users in mind. This is the reason why the sofas are going to fit perfectly in your living room. With the width of 90.55 inches, depth of 40 inches, and height of 32.5 inches, it would not be difficult for individuals to fit it in their parlor, den, or living room with ease.

When the couches were designed, it was kept in mind that furniture is not replaced every other year. So, the manufacturers have made the frame with sturdy, kiln dried wood, and legs are made of oak wood. Moreover, hand-tied spring suspensions have been created to provide durability.

In order to provide maximum comfort to you after a long day of tiresome activities, the cushions are filled half with feather down and half with poly fiber. To give the sofa a beautiful, classic, and rustic look, the cushions are wrapped around in bonded upholstery.


  • Color: gray
  • Dimensions: 90.55 inches x 40 inches x 32.3 inches
  • Material: leather
  • Weight: 162 pounds
  • For living room, parlor area, and den
  • You might have to assemble some parts.
  • Frame is made of kiln dried wood and legs are made of oak wood.
  • Eight-way spring suspensions that are hand tied to provide durability
  • Half feather down-filled, half poly fiber-filled cushions
  • The cushions are wrapped in upholstery designed fabric.
  • Oak legs, nail head accent, and button to provide the rustic look
  • Hand-made by experts

Abbyson Beverly Hand Rubbed Leather Loveseat

Create the most amazing look in your living room with this one of a kind, top-grained, leather-made rustic sofa and love seat set. When nail head trims are combined with the modern design, we get the beautiful result in the shape of a rustic leather flawless sofa.

You do not have to worry about changing the whole décor of the room to accommodate the sofa. This sofa, made of hand-rubbed leather, can look absolutely wonderful with almost all types of themes of décor in your living room giving the modern yet classic touch to the whole room. This is exceptional especially for people who love to give a lodge-like look to their living rooms and houses.

The cushions are thick and wrapped in the fabric that is extremely soft and silky giving a rich, luxurious feel to it and ultimately to the whole room.


  • The frame of the rustic sofa is made of hard kiln dried wood.
  • The leather that the couch is made of is hand-rubbed.
  • Available in a beautiful and exotic espresso brown color
  • Foam density of the cushion is 2.2 thus making it very
  • Dimensions: 35 inches x 64 inches x 39 inches, thus making it a comfortable fit in your living room

Caring of Rustic Couch and Sofas

When you buy a beautiful piece of furniture, you instantly fall in love with it. You get mesmerized by its beauty, feel, and everything. And when you love something, you take care of it and do maintenance as much as possible so that you do not have to change it for a long time. It is our pleasure to show you how you can take care of these lovely rustic sofas and couches at home by yourself.

Take Care of Label

One of the most important things that you have to keep in mind is that when you buy a love seat, it comes with a particular set of instructions that you can follow to take care of it. It usually tells you what type of water, i.e. hot, cold, or lukewarm, and cleaning agent you can use on your leather couch. It also tells you if you can vacuum it or not, along with several other instructions and guidelines.

When and How to Clean?

A question that arises in your mind is that when are you supposed to clean the couch. Leather furniture does not require a lot of maintenance. It is quite easy to keep your leather love seat clean. You just have to know the type of leather that is used on your furniture this is what you should do.

  • Dust the sofa with a dry cloth as much as possible. If you are unable to do it every day then perhaps you can go for every other day. This keeps the dust particles from setting in depth. In case it happens, it would take a lot of time and energy for cleaning.
  • Vacuum your sofa occasionally with a soft brush.
  • There are various leather cleaners like this one available on the market. You have to search for a nice leather cleaner and clean your sofa with it. All you need to do is make a soapy solution and gently rub it on the sofa. Clean it afterward with slightly damp cloth.
  • You can also use only a damp cloth to clean the couch gently if you cannot seem to find the right leather cleaner or are wary of the ones available on the market. Make sure that you never use a hard brush or anything that might cause scratches or stain the sofa. It is better to test the cleaning solution in a small hidden piece of furniture to be sure that it is not causing any adverse effect on your love seat.
  • Avoid items containing alkali and ammonia, which can harm the leather to the point of no repair. Keep saddle cleanser, oil, furniture polish, rough materials, and any cleaners with acidic components away from your leather furniture. Experts strictly prohibit the use of these products on leather furniture.
  • Leather furniture is exceptionally sensitive to warmth and sun harm. Position it far from windows, and from warm sources, for example, chimneys, radiators, and heating vents.

Try to avoid home remedies and DIYs because even if some of them even work, others leave quite nasty marks on the couch, and we do not want them on your precious sofa.

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