Inspiring Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Bamboo

When designing a certain area, there is a lot of tips and examples regarding a certain style or color combo, but rarely do we ever find info on how to decorate with a particular type of material. Today, things are about to change as we’ve prepared a guide on how to introduce one of the most popular and eco-friendly materials throughout your home. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, we’re talking about bamboo.

Bamboo, as a single fastest growing plant on the planet, is the perfect material choice for people who want to incorporate the beauty of wooden elements in their home’s design without actually going with traditional wood choices. Since bamboo trees reach maturity after only 3 to 5 years, and thanks to their incredible sturdiness, they’ve become a particularly popular furniture and decor option. So, let’s see how you can embellish your home with this amazing material.

Bamboo privacy screens and dividers

If you have an open floor plan in your house, installing bamboo privacy screens and dividers is a great way to visually divide different areas in your open floor plan without actually separating them with walls. You can choose to either align the pieces of bamboo close to each other for some more privacy, or you can space them out at the certain distance to create a divider that will still allow you to see what’s going on on the other side. You can also paint the bamboo in any color of your choice or you can leave it looking natural.

bamboo screen

Bamboo in your bathroom

You can choose to implement bamboo in your bathroom design by getting a bamboo bathroom mat or even going for a bamboo shower divider or panel. This will add a special spa vibe to your bathroom which will only be beneficial for your overall well-being. Additionally, you can even add a few indoor bamboo plants in your bathroom because they are used to wet tropical rainforest temperatures, and the humidity and temperature in your bathroom are excellent at mimicking those conditions.

Bamboo in your yard

As already mentioned, bamboo is particularly sturdy, which makes it a great option for outdoor furniture. With just a bit of maintenance, your outdoor bamboo furniture is bound to serve you for many years. So, add some comfortable seating and throw pillows – make sure the material is designed for outdoor use, and browse practical shade sails to create a perfect outdoor seating area you can enjoy throughout the year.

bamboo garden chairs

Bamboo in your bedroom

Your bedroom is another place perfect for housing bamboo decor pieces as well as furniture. You can go completely Tiki with the design and pair a bamboo king-size bed with some interesting bamboo bedside tables. Add a bamboo panel headboard and a few interesting wooden decor pieces on the walls, and don’t forget to install a ceiling fan for the complete tropical island vibe right in your own bedroom. This will make you feel like you’re on some exotic vacation every time you go to bed which will help you relax easier and faster.

bamboo floor

Bamboo roofing and flooring

Another interesting way to extend the tropical vibe even outside your home comes in the form of bamboo roofing and flooring solutions. A patio with bamboo roofing and flooring, bamboo outdoor furniture and, once again, a ceiling fan will look absolutely amazing while, at the same time, doing wonders for your peace of mind. If you decide to do this, you can be sure that your friends will be more likely to drop by your house and spend some time on your patio because, if decorated right, it will give off the vibe of a serene little oasis. And we all need some peace and quiet in our hectic lives.

Bamboo in your kitchen

Finally, a bamboo carpet is an excellent choice for the kitchen because it’s easy to clean and maintain, and we all know just how messy a kitchen can get. Also, bamboo cutting boards are better than any other wooden board options, because they’re not as prone to cuts and indentations.

bamboo floor

You might be surprised with all the ways you can use bamboo in your home design, but that’s just because not enough attention is given to this awesome plant. Therefore, if you find any of the ideas appealing, don’t hesitate to bamboo-up your home and enjoy the serenity of the final product.

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