Bamboo Wood Watches for Men and Women 2020’s Top Collection

A watch is a must-have accessory for anybody. This kind of accessory is a must-have because it is both stylish and practical. If you take a look at all of the fashionable people, they are probably wearing a watch.

You can really complete the way that your outfit would look if you are wearing some kind of timepiece. So if you do not have a watch yet, you may want to consider buying one. You are going to look more mature, fashionable and trendy if you are wearing a timepiece on your wrist like a wood watches.

And if you are going to get a watch that you can wear on your wrist, you should buy one that is made out of wood. Wooden timepieces are what is in right now. And you have got to get in on this trend too.

Nothing looks better than having a special wooden wrist watch like a bamboo watch. There is a range of different kinds of bamboo watches that you are able to buy. And if you would like to know which ones are the best ones, you should read the reviews below. The following are the top wooden wrist watches for men and women.

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Here are some hand picked wooden watches made from bamboo that we love and cannot resist recommending it our readers.

Top Bamboo Wood Watches for Men

  1. Wilds Wood Watches Premium Eco Self-Winding Wooden Wrist Watch

This hand-made wooden wrist watch is gorgeously constructed out of natural wood! Even the watch hands are made out of wood. The only thing that is not made out of wood with this watch is the dials, gears, and clasp.

Aside from that, you are getting the whole watch that is made out of natural wood. This really makes the watch look special since it is clearly made out of wood.

Everyone will look at your watch and compliment you on it. This is a great kind of watch to wear if you want to impress people with a quality timepiece. It also makes a great gift, if you need some kind of idea to give to someone. Everyone is going to love how unique this watch looks.

The self-winding mechanism of this watch also means that you just have to wear it in order for it to work. This will mean that there is no need to worry about the watch running out of battery. It will keep the time pretty reliably as long as you also wear it regularly.

And even if it is made out of natural wood, it is still quite durable. The wood that was used, was treated carefully. So it will not break apart easily, nor will it degrade fast. This watch can help you keep time for years to come. The build quality of this watch can easily compare to more expensive luxury watches, and last you years!

  1. Viable Harvest Men’s Wood Watch With Leather Strap

This wooden watch has got something special that you may like. Instead of the full watch being made out of wood, it also comes with a black leather strap. And the wood of this watch is not the only thing about it that is genuine.

The strap is made out of genuine leather as well. This will mean that you are going to get both great quality craftsmanship with the watch itself, and the strap that it has too.

One great feature about this watch is the fact that it is water and splash proof. So using this watch in the bathroom is safe. And if you are worried about the wood getting wet, there is no need to be at all. This is because the whole watch has been treated so that it is actually slightly water resistant.

Overall, you can wear this watch when you go to the beach, or even when you are washing your hands in the bathroom. You can easily tell the time without having to constantly worry about your watch getting wet.

You will also be hard pressed to find a watch that is sold at a better deal. This watch also comes with two other items, a pair of wooden sunglasses and a wooden case too.

  1. Men’s Wood Watch by Viable Harvest with Bamboo Dial

This timepiece features a bezel that is made out of sandalwood. That gorgeous bezel has got a sleek and shiny finish. If you get this watch it will certainly stand out on your wrist.

The leather strap is one of the few things about this watch that is not made out of wood. So you are getting a dual-material piece of a watch when you purchase this one. It has got a pretty unique construction that looks minimalist.

Viable Harvest also sells their wooden watch with a pair of matching wooden sunglasses too. So you can wear this watch paired with the sunglasses that it comes with.

You will look extra fashionable when you are wearing this combination of wooden accessories. And since you are able to get an extra wooden accessory with this purchase, it will equal to a great bang for your buck. Get this wood watch if you want to find a great deal, it is hard to beat what you can get with it.

And it weighs less than 7 oz so you will not even feel that this watch is on your hand. It is practically as light as air, and wearing it is easy and convenient.

  1. MEKU Men’s Wooden Watches Natural Sandalwood

Get this wooden watch by MIKU if you are after a time piece that screams sophistication and maturity. This watch is easily the next best thing that you can get when you compare it to a luxury branded time keeper. You are going to love its solid construction and premium design.

The watch face also comes with three other dials, so telling the date, calendar time, etc. is pretty easy. And those added dials also make this watch really convenient to own.

The dials are also placed rather nicely on the watch face itself. So the whole thing will not look messy or crowded. The overall finished design of this watch is rather handsome. And the added extra dials also lend an air of sophistication to this watch. Guys wearing it are sure to look more mature.

It is to be noted that this watch does not use automatic or self-winding power. Instead, it uses quartz movement However, it is not just any old quartz movement that it uses. Instead, it uses premium Japanese quartz to tell the time. This will mean that you will hardly be able to miss out on anything because this watch keeps the time so well.

  1. WeWood Kappa Wood Watch

WeWood’s flagship timepiece this Kappa model is like no other wooden watch. A strong woodgrain face, this watch will sure make you look dashing. The subdued brown tone on this wood will look great on any man that chooses to sport this watch.

In addition to the beautiful design and appearance of this watch, it also tells the time pretty well too. It will not miss out or be late for even a second, because it uses Japanese quartz movement, in order to keep the time. To put it short, if you are a guy considering getting a watch that is made out of wood, you will not go wrong if you choose to get this one.

The whole watch face measures about 46 mm, so this makes it the perfect medium-sized. It will perfectly fit wrists of all sizes, and the band width of the watch is about 1 inch.

This makes the strap of this watch neither too thick or thin, it is just about right when it comes to thickness. Speaking of the band of this watch, it is also made out of wood. So the whole time piece is completely constructed out of wood, barring a few elements such as the gears. If you want a completely wooden watch, this coudl be a top choice for you.

  1. KOMONO KOM-W2021 Winston

Komono is a watch brand that is well known for constructing minimalist watches. And that same minimal design philosophy also extends to the wooden watch that they are selling as well.

The watch is made out of mostly traditional watch materials, such as metal for the dial, and leather for the straps. The only thing that is made out of wood is the watch face itself.

So you may want to remember that particular fact about this watch, especially if you would rather get a watch that is completely made out of wood.

However, the design of the wooden element of this watch is rather lovely. And the dark brown of the wooden watch face certainly blends well with the gold watch dial.

The 41 mm watch face size means that this watch is a little bit on the small size. But the leather strap that it has is of ample length to be able to fit wrists of all different thickness and sizes. Wearing this watch is also rather comfortable since the leather strap is made out of premium material that feels soft. And finally, you should be aware that this watch uses quartz movement. So unlike other kinds of watches, you will not need to constantly wear it to keep it ticking.

  1. Treehut Zebrawood and Ebony Wooden Men’s Watch

Constructed out of zebra and ebony wood, this watch has got a darker shade to it. Instead of getting a watch that is a shade of brown, get this darker colored watch instead. It will be easier to pair with your clothes since black goes with everything.

The black colored ebony wood looks really modern. The added touch of using striped zebra wood also adds a nice flair to this watch. The whole design for the watch certainly has got a lot of personality. It is still rather understated though, and it will not look out of place on your wrist.

The watch clasp itself folds in three parts. So this makes the watch convenient to put on and remove. Struggling with a watch clasp to get it to open will be a thing of the past.

The tri-clasp feature of this watch opens up pretty smoothly. And you will not get any problem from trying to take this watch off of your wrist. The watch clasp itself is made out of durable stainless steel, so it will not break, bend or generally degrade over time. There will be no need to replace the wooden strap or its steel clasp, even after years of use.

  1. Original Grain Men’s Whiskey Barrel Wood Wrist Watch

This time piece is made out of light colored whiskey wood. So if you prefer a watch that does not look too dark, then this may be the one for you.

Another beautiful thing about the design of this watch is that the whiskey wood that they used has got wood grains that are visible. So you can literally see the original grains that came from the tree that this watch is made out of.

The 43 mm watch face size is medium, but that is still a lot of space so that you can see the gorgeous wood on display. The wood itself is made out of reclaimed wood taken from American Oak, so its source is sustainable!

You are going to love the way that this watch will feel on your hand. The band is quite comfortable because it is made out of both brushed metal and wood. The inner part of the band is made out of panels of wood, which will not chafe your skin. While the outer portions of the watch band are made out of brushed metal, in order to maximize its strength. The watch band was rather strong, and it would not break apart any time soon.

One of the greatest features that this wooden watch has, is that it will be able to resist moisture and water up to a point. It is rated to be water resistant up to three meters, so it should be safe to use in the bathroom or by the pool.

  1. Wooden Men’s Watch by Treehut

You may want to purchase this Wooden watch made by tree hut if you are after a watch that is more the style of mature man. The dark wood that it is made out of will look great while you are wearing a suit. And the whole watch design certainly looks very professional.

The whole design of the watch is one of the best around, and there are few other watches that are incorporating zebra and ebony wood as part of their design. This watch will certainly impress the ladies when you wear it to a night out. And it will also impress your colleagues at work too. Tree hut has made a watch that both looks great for formal and casual situations.

Aesthetics aside, this watch also functions great and is built to last as well. The watch runs on Japanese quartz movement, which means that it can accurately tell the time for decades to come. The build quality of the watch is not something that should go unmentioned as well. The whole construction of this wooden Tree Hut watch is pretty solid. And weak spots, links or any other flimsy part of the watch was hard to find on it.

  1. JORD Wooden Wrist Watch

The 39 mm watch face of the Jord Field Series watch makes it a great unisex option. For men, this is rather on the small to medium size, while for women the 39 mm watch size is firmly large.

Watch size aside, the whole watch looks rather appealing. The fine wood grain that came from the tree that this watch is made out of can be seen quite clearly.

This watch made by Jord is easily one of the best looking ones that we have seen, particularly when it comes to the category of wooden watches. It would not look out of place when you are wearing it to a party or a business meeting.

Handling the watch you can tell just how great a quality of it is. The whole watch is built to be durable. And this is clearly attributed the handmade quality that it has got. It feels good in the hand and does not feel flimsy at all. This watch will certainly help you keep the time for years to come because it uses quartz analog movement.

This kind of wooden watch is recommended for anyone that wants a great starter wooden watch. It has got a timeless design that will look good on everyone. The watch also looks and feels durable, because it is made out of only the best quality zebra wood around. Jord certainly has made a wooden watch that meets all of the top criteria, which includes design, quality and time keeping.

Top Wood Watches for Women

  1. Wilds Wood Watches Premium Eco Self-Winding Wooden Wrist Watch

This is a gorgeous wooden watch that has got an intricate set of gears that are visible on the watch face. It will certainly turn heads because its design is so noticeable.

Its special watch has is surrounded by dark brown wood, which is made out a single piece of wood. So the watch face that you are looking at is actually fully constructed and hand carved out of a single piece of wood. This construction of the watch means that it actually has got a seamless design, and if you look around the edges of the watch face, you will notice that you cannot see any lines or seams.

The complicated inner gears of this watch are not the only thing that is for a show about it. These watch gears also tell the time accurately. These metallic gears will move around as time goes on, so you can directly see the inner workings of this time piece.

Furthermore, the construction quality of this watch is simply superb. You will be hard pressed to find a premium feeling wooden watch that is as constructed as solidly as this one. It will keep time for you, until you grow old!

  1. Emolly Womens Premium Zebra Wood Watch

Need a unique pop of color to the watch that you are wearing? If so, then you may want to buy this one made by Emolly. This time piece made out of wood is going to be noticeable on your hand because the watch face is a bright shiny blue! It actually matches well in color with the zebra wood that the watch face and band is made out of.

This is a small watch, which makes it the perfect size for a woman’s slim wrist. You are going to be able to wear this time piece with total comfort as well since it is extremely lightweight. You will hardly ever feel a thing when you have got this watch strapped to your arm.

This is clearly a watch that is made for someone that wants something that they can wear and not think about. Wood, after all, is a very light material and the small 35 mm watch face size is going to be very light in weight too.

This is a watch for women with sensitive skin. Wood is a natural material that will not cause your skin to become itchy or break out in rashes. If you are looking for a watch that you can safely use, then the Emolly wooden time keeper may be your best bet. You are guaranteed to suffer from less reaction when you wear this watch. And there are also a lot of gorgeous design elements that this watch has, which you are sure to love.

  1. Wood Watch, BIOSTON Unisex

If you are looking for a watch that would look on you as a woman, but not look too girly, then you must take a look at this wooden watch. It has got a design that neither looks too masculine nor feminine, and this makes it the perfect unisex design.

It would not look out of place on your wrist if you are a guy or a girl. And if you are a lady who has got a more tomboy style, then this watch may have a lot of appeal for you. The size is squarely medium at 40 mm, so it can also be used for both sexes as well.

The gorgeous brown walnut color of this watch face is really a looker as well. You are going to notice the way that this watch catches the light because the creamy brown color looks pretty distinct. And since it is a light brown color it should match well with any outfit that you may have in mind.

You could wear a dress with this watch, and it would still look awesome with whatever you are wearing. As a fashion accessory, this watch is certainly a must-have, because of its classic design and style.

  1. Viable Harvest – Wood Watch – Wooden Bamboo Dial

This beautiful time piece is constructed out of bamboo. So it is light and easy to carry on your wrist. And bamboo is also a sustainable wood, so your impact on the environment is not going to be too heavy. This environmentally friendly watch will look lovely on your wrist, plus you are supporting a sustainable wood industry.

This lovely watch also has got a bezel that has got a nice chocolate brown color. This would look lovely on women with a darker shade of skin. Plus, the dark chocolate brown color would look awesome with whatever outfit that you want to pair it with.

Since this watch is made out of bamboo, it is hypoallergenic. If you are allergic to metals and other kinds of similar objects, then choosing this kind of watch may be for you. The bamboo material that it is made out of will not make you itch at all.

What makes this watch by Viable Harvest, is the fact that it also comes paired with a wooden pair of sunglasses too. These two fashion accessories make a stunning combo, and you will look so cool with your watch and your sunglasses, which are both made out of wood.

  1. Wood Watch, BIOSTON Handmade Cow Leather Band

Are you looking for a wooden watch that is not completely wood all around? Then this one may be for you because it has got a wooden bezel which is held in place on your wrist, by a leather band.

This time piece made by BIOSTON also looks chic with whatever you may be wearing. For example, if you want a sporty look with your outfit, then this watch can also be the perfect business accessory. And you can even wear this watch to work with you since it has got a fashionable business casual look. This watch has got a pretty versatile design that would look amazing with any kind of outfit that you have got planned.

Aside from the fashion, this time keeper made out of wood is also extremely durable. Both the leather band of this watch and its wooden bezel are nothing to sneeze at. It is clear that only the best quality for both parts of the watch was used. And it was also really nice to feel like the manufacturer of this watch was really concerned about the build quality. The leather of this watch is genuine, so it should not fray or tear easily at all.

  1. KOMONO Unisex KOM-W2020 Winston Analog Display Japanese Quartz Black Watch

An accessory is only as fashionable as the person wearing it, and you certainly will be chic and fashionable if you wear this watch constructed out of metal, leather, and wood.

This is a minimalist watch design that will look great on almost anybody. This is mainly due to the simple design and appearance of this watch. They say that simplicity equals beauty, and that is most definitely true when it comes to Komono watch.

You are going to love the way that it would simply look on your wrist. And there are hardly any other watches that are this simple but look good as well.

Aside from the wooden watch face that this Komono watch has, its bezels are constructed out of gold colored metal The golden metallic bezel that surrounds the watch is incredibly well built, and there will be no discoloration at all when wearing this watch. The bezel surrounding the watch face is sure to stand the test of time. You would also find that the leather strap that this watch has is almost of the utmost quality. It will feel supple and really soft when you are actually wearing it on your wrist. All of these make this watch a pleasure to wear.

  1. Bobo Bird B06 Green

Fancy a more colorful watch? This mint green wooden watch made by Bobo Bird could be the most eye catching one yet.

The naturally green bamboo wood has been treated so that it looks a bit greener. It will be like you are wearing a piece of nature on your wrist when you have got this watch on you. And since bamboo is a natural material, and great care has been taken in this kind of watch, it should also be hypoallergenic.

For people that have had trouble with watches causing an allergic reaction in them, then this one could be the watch for you. It has got a lot of natural elements to it, which should not cause your wrist to itch.

The color of this watch is really something else. The pastel green color that it has is unlike any other watch out there being sold. Most other wooden wrist watches are brown or black, but not this one. If you would actually want to stand out amongst the rest of the other people that are also sporting a wrist watch that is made out of wood, then choosing something a bit more colorful is your best bet. And this watch is certainly the best colorful one.

  1. BeWell Handmade Wooden Women Quartz Watch

The classic look and timeless design of this wrist watch are sure to be something that a lot of people will love. You are going to love the way that this watch would look on your arm because it would look just like any other fashion wrist watch out there.

Of course, except that this watch is entirely constructed out of wood. And yes that means the watch band as well. Normally, wrist watches would be made out of metal. But this creative watch is cleverly constructed out of wood. The only metal pieces that you will see are what are around the band and the gears of the watch itself.

In addition to its classic design, it has got a water resistance rating of up to 30 meters. You could easily go to the pool with this wooden watch because it should be fine to use in that kind of setting. When you purchase the watch, you can also expect to get something else included with it. You can get a wooden case to place the watch in, so you are basically getting two items with one purchase. It really is a steal when you consider the great value of this wooden watch.

  1. Wooden Watch For Women Maui Kool Hana Collection

There are a lot of unisex and men’s watches, so it is time for a wrist watch that is made exclusively for a woman to use. This feminine time piece runs on a quartz movement, and it has got a 34 mm watch size.

Its rose gold watch face is really pretty to look at. And you will enjoy reading the time from this watch because it has got a really pleasant and appealing look to it. Those who love feminine colors, such as pink and pastel, would also love the way this one would look on your wrist. The soft watch face color is certainly going to look very pretty.

This is a wooden watch that is specifically constructed for a woman’s wrist. So you will get total comfort while you are wearing it. Not only will it sit lightly on your wrist, but it will also feel lightweight.

The light weight of this wooden watch is mostly due to the koa wood that it is made out of. Koa wood is a great material to work with. And the wooden brown color that koa wood has certainly will look very special when you compare it to other wooden time pieces.

  1. JORD Wooden Wrist Watches

Wrist watches are a fashion accessory for both women and men, so getting this wooden unisex one is a great idea. The build quality of the 39 mm watch face is superb. And Jord has certainly outdone themselves because this watch is easily one of the top picks for women’s time keepers.

The surrounding band that keeps the watch in place on your wrist is wood. The only metal pieces that you are getting with this watch is the clasp of the band. And the inner parts of the watch are also made out of metal. So when people look at this time piece on your wrist, they will only see the wooden material.

People interested in getting this watch are able to pick out one color out of four. There are four types of wrist watch color to choose from: Maple, Zebra wood and Ebony, Sandalwood, and finally Koa wood. With all of the choices that you have got this wooden watch, you can certainly take your pick. And the fact that the wrist watch manufacturer has got several different watch variations, means that you can get one that you absolutely like.

Why get a wooden watch in the first place?

You may be asking yourself, why should I even bother getting a wooden watch? There are other options of watches out there! That is actually a great question. There are numerous reasons why wearing wooden watches is better.

It is fashionable – Wooden time pieces are the hottest trend right now. And everyone who is anyone is wearing a time piece that is made out of wood. If you want to appear as fashionable and get in with the current trend, wearing a watch made out of wood, is the way to go.

It is sustainable – Most wooden watches are made out of sustainable wood or reclaimed and recycled wood. This means that the industry of wooden watches is actually one that is sustainable. If you want to make less of an impact on harming the environment, you should be wearing wooden watches.

It is affordable – Contrary to what you may think, wooden watches are actually pretty cheap. Sure, you may have to pay for better quality wooden watches, but their price is rather low. Compared to luxury metal watches, wooden watches are way more affordable. And you can look good at an affordable price.

How to take care of a wooden watch?

A wooden watch needs to be handled correctly, especially if you do not want it to break down after just a short amount of use. Wood is a material that has got to be cared for properly, especially since it can easily degrade if not well cared for. Here are some tips to follow for wooden watch care.

Clean it often

Make it a priority to clean the wooden watch completely from time to time. This is because if you do not clean the watch, the wood can quickly collect more dirt.

Keep it away from water

Moisture is bad for wood. If wood gets wet it can get swollen, warped or even rot. Worrying about wood rot is not going to be too applicable for wooden watches. This is because most wooden watches are treated to be water resistant. Just be aware that keeping your wooden watch dry is important.

Be wary of extreme hot or cold

Extreme temperatures can damage the wood and the inner gears of your watch. Try not to keep it in places that are either too hot or cold.

Store it properly

If you want to keep your wooden watch safe, be sure to store it in the right area. The best place to keep your wooden watch is in a cool dark area, such as in your cabinet or on your bedside table. This is because if you expose your wooden watch to the sun, the light rays may cause the wood to become discolored try to keep it away from direct sunlight, as much as possible

Replace the battery

Most wooden watches use a quartz battery to keep time. And after a few years of use, that quartz battery can actually run out of juice. If you notice that your wooden watch has missed a few seconds, or if it is not keeping time as accurately as before, you may need to get its battery replaced. However, for most wooden watches that should be for years to come.

Finally we have hand picked some great deals on exquisite wooden watches available on amazon that we think you must view.

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