How to Keep Your Luxury Bedding Looking Good Even With Dogs Lurking Around


If you’re a dog owner, you may sometimes wonder who owns whom, exactly? Parents of fur babies like to THINK that we’re in charge, but … let’s be a little more honest. Unless you and your pets have graduated together (*with honors*) from Cesar Millan’s training academy, you’re probably a far cry from being The Dog Whisperer.

Admittedly, it’s hard to be hard on these precious pups. They are some of the few creatures on this Earth that truly demonstrate unconditional love, and oftentimes dogs are actually better friends to us than many of the humans we encounter. How can you tell your best friend not to touch your bed? It would be rude and disgraceful to treat such a trusted confidant that way. Plus, they’re just so cute and fun to cuddle with!

If you’re in the camp of pet owners who choose not to shun your furry companions from your bed, you’re in good company. You may have just assumed until now that owning a pet means keeping your luxury bedding set looking luxurious is an impossibility … but I bring you glad tidings!  It IS possible to create a world where beautiful bedding AND furry dogs can coexist in peaceful harmony!  Read on for some tips to help you achieve this idyllic state of canine-and-comforter bliss:

Keep Some Extra Flat Sheets Handy

Use an extra flat sheet (in white, or whatever color you like) as a top-layer bedspread for your canines, and just change it out as needed. With about 5 more seconds of labor, you can even take it up a notch and create a more polished triple-sheet “hotel” look. Instead of a standard duvet cover, use a triple-sheet method of protecting the insert. Add the fitted and flat sheets as you normally would, then lay out your duvet insert. Then add another flat sheet on top of the insert, and tuck the sheet around the edge of the insert near the head of the bed. Finally, fold the interior flat sheet over the insert and the exterior flat sheet. You now have two sheets protecting the insert’s edge! And extra flat sheets can be used as more than just duvet covers; they can also be arranged to protect your decorative shams and pillows, too.

The triple-sheet strategy is great for guest beds too, because it saves time when laundering; it’s much easier to wash sheets than an entire duvet cover. Having a collection of fun top sheets is a great way to change the look of your entire bedroom, too!

Use Washable Blankets and Throws

If you’re not into the triple-sheet method, another option is to keep a collection of easily-washable throw weighted blanket in a darker color to use as accents to your light-colored bedding. Charcoal grey is a popular neutral color, and it’s effective for hiding darker-haired fur.

Of course, putting a throw on the bed just for Fido may not completely keep him off the sheets, but it can help to contain more of his hair to one throw – which is considerably easier to wash than a comforter or duvet.

Easy Hack for Changing the Duvet Cover

If you prefer a traditional linen duvet cover over extra sheets, here’s a 30-second trick for changing the cover. Lay the clean duvet cover inside-out on the bed and spread out the insert on top. Reach through the opening in the cover and grab the far corners of the fabric and the insert, one in each hand. Simply shake it all out, and voilà! Now you can be the change you wish to see! See the video on how to easily change the duvet cover in under 1 minute

Try Using Patterned Sheets and Comforters

Snow-white bedding is nice, but isn’t always the most practical choice if your furry friends sport hair of a darker shade. Patterned sheets and comforters offer more effective camouflage for the inevitable pet hair that may get left behind.

Groom Your Dog Regularly

As in many things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A little TLC in the area of regular dog grooming and brushing will prevent unnecessary labor in the laundry room!  On top of this, regular grooming time is one of the best ways to bond with your pet.

Clean Your Bedding Often

What? This is a tip? Note that I didn’t say you necessarily have to wash your bedding often; you just need to clean your bedding often. Obviously, that will require washing every so often, but you can just vacuum the dog hair off your bed between washes. If you have a good vacuum upholstery tool, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

What are your tips for keeping your bedding clean with dogs? Share your comments below!

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