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Hi, welcome to my bamboo and rustic decor lifestyle blog called The Bamboo Bazaar. What can I say about me, well, first of all thanks for visiting my website, I can appreciate your visit and I hope you enjoy your time here!

I believe in eco-friendly products that are sustainable and do not cause harm to our wonderful planet. At The Bamboo Bazaar I have selected the best products to review and guide you to best places to make your purchase. Bamboo is an excellent resource for the 21st century, it is sustainable and fast growing, when you produce fabric from the bamboo plant, it is incredibly soft and silky. Many people think of bamboo being like a bamboo cane, but bamboo bedding and clothing is actually made from the bamboo leaves, I bet you didn’t know that?

I know from personal experience that sleeping on 100% bamboo sheets leads to a more comfortable night’s sleep. I also have bamboo towels and bamboo underwear, all of these are from Cariloha, which is in my personal opinion, the best bamboo bedding and clothing company today. The main focus of this website is on 100% bamboo products, not on mixed fiber bamboo products such as the pillows, although we do have some bamboo pillow reviews. To get the best possible benefits of bamboo it needs to 100% bamboo fabric, anything less and you lose the hypo-allergenic qualities that the plant possesses.

The idea for this website is to promote bamboo products and rustic home decor, I’ll be advising what is good and bad from a neutral point of view.

I hope you enjoy The Bamboo Bazaar and feel free to leave a comment.

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